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A Family Tormented

“Opsaal is a well written, true story that literally gave me creeps. The family was repeatedly tormented by something that made their lives a living hell. This book may have been short, but it packs a lot into it. I highly recommend this book if you love books about haunted houses, especially true stories.” – Blackeagle, audible review for Opsaal , December 2, 2023.

Short Haunted Story Set In Africa

“I Purchased and listened to this on Audible books. This was a short story of a family who during the depression in Africa had to make do with a rental house in the middle of nowhere. After a bit since the husband left for work for the week, unexplained things started happening which cause a lot of fear for the mother and her children. Narrator does a nice job with this storyline.” Georgia McNabb on Amazon, July 22, 2023.

I thought it ran a bit slow

“But there was excitement and mystery to keep you interested. Good for a short story.” – Gwen Boseman, review for Opsaal on Audible, May 15, 2023.


“I liked it! Very well written short story of one haunted family. It had a lot of atmosphere for as short as it was. Darla Middlebrook was a terrific narrator.” – Deedra, review for Opsaal on Audible, January 11, 2023.


“This is an intriguing South African story, with theme of African witchcraft. Well written and good narration.” – Pattwee, review on Audible, 01 December, 2022.

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