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Very Good Listen

“A haunted house, ghosts, witches and friends… Really enjoyed listening to it. Never know what is around and about the house.” – Gwen Boseman, review on Audible for “When Darkness Calls“, May 29, 2023.

OH! I Really Loved This Story!!

“A house in Africa that is having all sorts of unusual things happening. Though built on level ground, no floors line up, always a step up to cross. Unseen entity moving things. Narrator does a excellent job with the entire storyline. Though some terrifying things do happen, this is actually more of a mystery.” – Georgia McNabb, review on Audible for When Darkness Calls, April 23, 2023.

Great story

“I enjoyed this creepy horror story full of ghosts, exorcism but also friendship. Great listening experience.” – Monika, review on Audible for “When Darkness Calls“, February 11, 2023.

When Darkness Calls

“I enjoyed this one. In an old haunted mansion called ‘the White House’, things go bump in the night. Things also make you think a friend is calling your name. You are in danger before you go inside. Miciah Dodge was a fine narrator.” – Deedra, January 17, 2023, review of ‘When Darkness Calls‘ on Audible.

Great Narrator 

“The story is pretty creepy, it takes place in South Africa. I’ve never heard haunting stories from this area. It’s a fun little story if you’re doing a drive on a dark night. The narration sounded excellent, and the protagonist in the story wasn’t taking no crap from the evil dead!” – Jeff Spencer, Aug 21, 2020 on Audible for “When Darkness Calls” (audiobook).

Miciah Dodge, a narrator recording “When Darkness Calls” sent a message via ACX on July 07, 2020:

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