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Terror In The Outblack

Panic! Horror In Space: Book 4

Space exploration is no piece of cake, and neither is the paranormal.

The Outblack: that treacherous swathe of under-explored space at the fringes of the Terran Empire, the very cutting edge of civilization – also known as the ass-end of space… a place where good fortune is almost as common as death, and the dead don’t always stay that way. These are the stomping grounds of Captain Stuart Flane and the crew of the starship Mercury – a shipload of jaded cynics who know from experience that there’s more to life than meets the third eye.

Braver than the harshest skeptic, Flane, his EXO, Vic Chapman, and Dr. Fred Killian, must face all sorts of terrors, from paranormal possession, to shadow figures from the lost starship Jacoby, to mysterious alien life-forms that ate the scientists at the research station on Tangerine-178, and a mysterious force that lobotomized the colonists on Ramus-12. Will they succeed? Or will they succumb to the terror of the Outblack?

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