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We All Fall Down

Panic! Horror In Space: Book 3

…Ashes To Ashes…

Stuart Flane, Captain of the starship Mercury, and lately the butt-end of innumerable jokes doing the rounds at Space Fleet H.Q., is called upon once more – kicking and screaming – to investigate all manner of preternatural fuckery.

How would Flane’s skeptical superiors react to his next report – and above all, how would he word it? The word “carefully” always came to mind. Sooner or later, he worried, someone was going to turn up demanding answers – and it wasn’t too long before someone did.

Commodore Link, a heavy-handed disciplinarian, makes it his business to get to the bottom of Flane’s alleged fraud, and his investigation progressively turns the starship Captain’s life into a bit of a miserable hell. Then, as if by coincidence, the Mercury is redirected to a nearby industrial colony to investigate disturbances at what – much to Flane’s acute embarrassment, turns out to be one of the most haunted hotels in the Outblack.

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