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Freedom Inc.

Threaders: Book 1

Into Adventure!
Freedom. Independence. Friendship. Adventure. You could have it all! Or, you might die trying. The only question worth answering is: How bad do you want it?

Bad enough to become a threader – a drifter who makes their way across space doing anything they could to make money, just to be able to reach the next port? Mostly, threaders are just one payday away from being actual space pirates – or bums marooned in the ass-end of space, widely regarded with mistrust and suspicion.

For Tang Gunar, Mycos Atellu, and others who join their crew, there is no other choice but to adopt this identity as an act of survival, rebellion, hope and defiance as they embark on a journey across space to seek adventure and fortune on the Fringe, to find out where it will lead them.

Available in eBook, paperback and audiobook formats!


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