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A Nine In Time

Quantum Series: Book 10

Action! Adventure! Space Opera! – COMING SOON!

Time waits for no man, or so the saying goes… and for Johnathan Scrooby, time agent extraordinaire, Time had all but run out.

The trouble with being very, very good at one’s job was that somewhere someone would be envious of one’s reputation. At first the signs were subtle and vague… but before long, Scrooby knew for certain – someone at the Time Saving Agency – a very, very jealous colleague, or someone working for a Time Terrorist organization – was out to get him! Working at the TSA meant it was all too easy to make people vanish – and every breath was a temptation. Things were moving too fast – he needed time to think!

There was only one thing to do – he took a stripped Remote from the evidence locker, and late one night, he encoded an auto-delete bot to wipe all traces of his destination from the system – and stepped through the portal and vanished.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the coldest, harshest most inhospitable climes he could think of, where – he hoped – no-one would ever find him…

Except perhaps Beck the Badfeller…

At least not until he was ready.

Coming soon in eBook, paperback and audiobook formats!

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