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Prodigal Sun

Quantum Series: Book 5

Action, Adventure, Skinheads!

The third-rate Terran colony of Deanna suddenly found itself hip-deep in strange events. Well… stranger than usual. And by quite a margin.

Deanna was a melting-pot of races, species and all manner of creeds and cultures, and always had been – but something very fundamental had changed. Without being noticed, hate had come to Deanna and had built a nest there. Something sinister had stirred in the shadows on the remote, usually idyllic (if slightly weird) little backwater colony – something… disturbing. And where had all these damn neo-Nazi skinheads suddenly come from?

In the final weeks before the greatly anticipated royal visit of Prince Justin, Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller, stretched thin by work pressure and the daily, frenetic meetings at the Governor’s office in Atro City, Peg had little time to invest in sideshows. It was unavoidable that certain finer details would slip past her… like the sudden, puzzling increase in crime. A type of crime that had not been seen in some time. Hate crime.

Peg resolved to look into it – just as soon as her schedule would allow. But could it wait?

Something terrible was about to hatch! And when it did, the quirky residents of the third-rate colony would face a challenge unlike any they had seen before.

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