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Critical Reviews:

Fun, quirky and most probably the strongest of the Quantum series!

“Christina Engela has a unique way of telling a story that has lots going on without making it seem confusing or cluttered. Having read all of the previous books in her ‘Quantum’ series this one carves a unique but powerful path that faces many issues without any fear.

Characters who have established themselves in this colorful and fun universe are taken somewhat by surprise much like the reader as a political supremacist group looks to overthrow the current regime on Deanna. In fact everything about the ‘Deannan Service league’ reeks of revolt but some revolutions aren’t for the greater good – a strong and relevant political message that many can relate to today.

We see Danielle Grauffis; a student and transgender character who becomes directly caught up in the political overthrowing and subsequent storm. You cannot help but sympathize for her story which is one that is just of a person looking to be included and positive inclusion is a huge theme in this book much like all of Engela’s works they directly and sometimes indirectly set an example that champions everyone and anyone including the minorities.

As the story unfolded it became more and more gripping as events turn for the worse. Sheriff Peggy Ann-Muller may well be in over her head even if she does express exactly what is going on through a powerful quote ‘Anyone else want to be on the wrong side of history?’ Powerful is probably the one word which sums up the plot of ‘Prodigal Sun’ but as usual there is way much more happening. I have only just realized ‘Atro City’ is in fact meant to be pronounced as ‘Atrocity’ which is just one of the many fun quirks you’ll find in this great read! Left very much open and on a cliff hanger, I shall be diving right into the next story!

5 Stars – Great read, review left via Goodreads over the holidays but now I am back to review more indie books! You can expect a review of the next book in the Quantum series soon!

Happy new year readers!” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer, January 02, 2020.

I Urge You To Check Them Out!

“My next book rec comes in the form of two stories which cap off one hell of an awesome science fiction series. ‘Prodigal Sun’ and ‘High Steaks’ are two reads I enjoyed over the festive season and make up the final books (so far) of the Quantum Series by Christina Engela. This collection I spent last year and the beginning of 2020 delving into. I am going to be brief because I plan on putting out a separate showcase for the series soon but I urge you to check them out!” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer, January 21, 2020.

Reader Comments:

Another great story spoiled

“Christina Engela has a huge talent when it comes to writing mystery thrillers. She can weave wonderful stories and great characters. However by book 5 the lgbtq agenda does start to pall a little, especially in this book. There is an awful lot of agonising over gender issues which rather undermines the main story. That said, the main reason for my title to this review is once again the awful narration by Darla Middlebrook. Why Ms Engela keeps using her is beyond me. The only way I can listen to her terrible drawl is by listening at 1.5x speed which makes it almost normal. It’s a great pity, as I won’t be listening to any more of Engela’s books narrated by her.”Boojum, review of Prodigal Sun on Audible, January 20, 2023.

A Brilliant Read

“I thought “Prodigal Sun” was a brilliant read. The story is tasteful and humorous in a style that reminds me of Pratchett. Christina Engela sets the scene for ‘Prodigal Sun’ on the quirky little planet called Deanna under it’s mad little moons Ding and Dong, bringing back all the characters I’ve grown to love from her previous books in the Quantum series.

The first installment of this gripping story unfolds, telling the emotive and sometimes disturbing tale of events as they unfold in Atro City. She captures the darkness of hatred and fear as she details the dangers of encroaching fascism, the daunting struggles facing her characters, and the true horror found in the segregation of various minorities at the hands of purists. She deals with these topics sensitively and intelligently, with certain familiar characters being on-hand to balance the darkness out with injections of wit and humor – and to administer required doses of karma and justice!

As this first part of the story ends, the stage is set for an epic battle on a grand scale – and as the first person to read “Prodigal Sun“, I was left begging for more!

I can’t wait to see how my favorite characters overcome the odds in the next installment!”Wendy Keran Gloss, 2017.

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