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An epic ensemble of characters fighting for the importance of inclusion… 

“The Quantum Series carries a consistent theme throughout all six of it’s stories; that being inclusion no matter how different one is or where they come from. Whether you are human, alien, plant or anything else in between. No matter your beliefs, non beliefs, orientation or anything else that may set you aside and make you different. Christina Engela’s stories in this series champion that and it’s an important modern cause to stand for in literature. She manages to do and say that without being preachy and while also and importantly telling fun, action packed, sometimes quirky but always enjoyable stories. It’s also what is being fought for in this book.

High Steaks picks up pretty much where the previous encounter ‘Prodigal Sun’ left off. The planet of Deanna has been over run and taken over by some quite nasty forces. Their stance is the exact opposite of what Engela’s stories and their heroes stand for. And for this one these heroes are out in full force, names whom readers will find familiar. Their goal to undo what injustice has been done not just for the different but for everyone and the greater good. It’s an echo towards our own history and more importantly a tribute to the fight against separatism and nationalist socialists who only see the world one way.

Everything that makes up the good parts of these stories has been painstakingly crafted into this one. It’s quick paced in moments with a sense of an ensemble cast all working together to fight for one another making it probably the most epic story in the series. Quite late on I realized this wasn’t going to be the final book of the series, at first I felt a little disappointed but then elated that what will follow if there is a 7th which will be one hell of a culmination and I am more than interested in reading.

Overall I have very much enjoyed reading the books in this series. They are fun, quirky, imaginative and their biggest quality is that the style and the way they read is very much accessible to pretty much anyone. I highly recommend the Quantum series to everyone!

5 Stars – Fun and powerful. Thank you to the author for providing me with all books in this series! Review left via Goodreads and Amazon UK.

Have you read the Quantum Series? You should!” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer, January 06, 2020.

I Urge You To Check Them Out!

“My next book rec comes in the form of two stories which cap off one hell of an awesome science fiction series. ‘Prodigal Sun’ and ‘High Steaks’ are two reads I enjoyed over the festive season and make up the final books (so far) of the Quantum Series by Christina Engela. This collection I spent last year and the beginning of 2020 delving into. I am going to be brief because I plan on putting out a separate showcase for the series soon but I urge you to check them out!” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer, January 21, 2020.

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“This was an emotional and impactful story. The biases and prejudices reflected much of what we see today in some hate groups. I liked how everyone that could rallied to help those in peril. The fight is not over, but I like the unity and fighting for the underdog. The narrator did an exceptional job bringing the characters and story to life. The voice was original and added depth to the story.”B. McGrath, about High Steaks on Audible, February 11, 2023.

On January 10, 2022, Brandon of Moon Books Publishing sent me this message he received from Darla Middlebrook, my most prolific audiobook narrator:

“Brandon & Christina, While working on #6 (HIGH STEAKS), I am finding that the emotions that Christina’s writing evokes really get to me. Hoping that I convey them well enough that the listeners feel them too.

For example, in the section that I have labelled as chapter 29 ( “We Mustn’t Lose Our Heads”), as I review it for corrections, I find myself grinding my teeth and really hating Col. Francis. And in the section that I have labelled as chapter 37 (“Hunting Vampires”), I found myself laughing so hard at Landry’s and Smythe’s reactions to Marla, that the section needed to be recorded over again three times because I couldn’t keep a straight face.

I’m really enjoying Christina’s work. Hoping I can work on the continuation of this series when it becomes available. Darla.”

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