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Something Almost Like A Prayer…

Things aren’t always as they seem. Neither was Charlie Branson.

Outwardly, Charlie appeared to be the successful, respected, somewhat over-paid Captain of a commercial space liner, but in truth, it was just 2025 and space liners did not exist yet.

The space liner Freedom was really just a very expensive sort of set – a fancy space simulator for the wealthy clients the company took on simulated cruises into deep space to forget the real world for a while, to get away from it all. It was all pretense – and they loved them for it!

In an atmosphere where people were locked away from reality for weeks at a time, and cos-playing and roleplaying redefined ‘normal’, telling fact and fantasy apart became more complicated than expected. For those who preferred the pleasant escape from the harsh realities of life outside, like Charlie, wishing it could all just be real became something almost like a prayer.

When the answer came, it wasn’t quite what he expected.

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