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Galaxii is an epic futuristic saga that relates the struggles and adventures of diverse characters, each realistically portrayed with their own unique interests, circumstances, and each has their own challenges and obstacles to overcome: career-minded Space Fleet officers, solo adventurers and rogues, and Corsairs – the space pirates who made the space-lanes perilous to travel in their pursuit of autonomy, wealth and notoriety. The good guys aren’t always what they seem, and neither are the villains.

The series fits into the “space opera” and “adventure” sub-genres of science fiction.

Currently there are four titles in the Galaxii Series: “Blachart”, “Demonspawn”, “Dead Beckoning” and “Sentinel“. If you enjoyed reading them and want more, don’t despair – the next book is already under construction! View Coming Soon to see any new titles still in the pipeline!

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EBooks and paperbacks are independently published, and audiobooks are managed by Peever Publishing.

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About the Galaxii Series:

Galaxii – sci-fi, space opera! Galaxii is what is today called “space opera” and is basically a good-old-fashioned sci-fi adventure!

Christina first started working on “The Red Star”, the story that would eventually become “Blachart”, in about 1986, and which was later redrafted to become “Galaxy” by sometime in 1987, and again to become “Galaxii” in 1990. In the end, this redraft became the basis for all the various stories and characters in the Galaxii Series as it is today.


The Galaxii Series  is set in the same universe as the Quantum Series and also Panic! Horror In Space, and precedes those series, being set a century or so earlier in the same timeline and using different settings and characters. Galaxii really is the genesis of all Christina’s subsequent series and stories, but as simple as that sounds, the series didn’t just pop into being overnight! It’s literally taken her years!

Galaxii begins in the not too distant future – at a time when Earth has risen from the ashes of a 21st century global nuclear war to become the seat of a largely peaceful and prosperous stellar Terran Empire. The series relates the struggles and adventures of some realistic characters, each with their own unique interests and obstacles to overcome: career-minded Space Fleet officers, solo adventurers and rogues, Corsairs – space pirates who in their pursuit of wealth and fame, turned the less-traveled space lanes into perilous journeys – and aliens of all persuasions.

The primary setting for the Galaxii titles is aboard various starships – in “Blachart” (book 1) and “Dead Beckoning” (book 3) it is the I.S.S. Antares, in “Demonspawn” (book 2) it is the I.S.S. Mordrake. “Demonspawn” also features a completely different set of characters, while “Dead Beckoning” (book 3) brings both sets of characters from books 1 and 2 together in one larger story. “Sentinel” (book 4) features another different starship and its own set of characters.

Download these guides to find out more about the Terran Space Fleet, Academy, and its ships.

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