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Immersive and enjoyable space-sci fi

“Christina Engela returns with her immersive and enjoyable brand of space sci-fi in the latest instalment of the Galaxii series.

Captain Sonia La Belle is faced with the uphill struggle of bringing the starship I.S.S. Munray back up to better standards. With mostly disorganized personnel and the former disgraced captain leaving the ship in disarray, not to mention an old flame on the crew, this new skipper has her work cut out – and then come the space pirates.

In the wake of these Corsairs being near enough wiped out, two particular outlaws find themselves in possession of a dooms day-esque technology that threatens not just La Belle’s reputation, but much more. A pirate resurgence begins along with a matter-of-time chase that ensues with drama and deception at the forefront of a great story delivered by way of Engela’s best writing to date. For anyone looking to for some fun space sci-fi immersion then ‘Sentinel’ is the book for you!

5 Stars – thank you to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review!” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer in “‘Sentinel: Galaxii Book 4’ by Christina Engela – Review” May 17, 2022.

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