“Human Nature”

“Human Nature” 2017 A4 acrylic canvas

Christina started this piece in 2017 and revisited it in June 2020.


  • Medium: acrylic on canvas
  • Size: A4


The painting shows what appears to be a heart shape at first glance but on closer inspection it’s clear that the heart is made up of two other shapes; stylized human heads, bald, without gender. Their lines merge to form the shape perfectly. Ears are visible on each, with earrings, to make their identification as human heads possible. No eyes or other facial features are visible – hinting at the idea of impersonal human interaction – and the consequences of said human interaction. They appear to be either biting or kissing each other – this is left open to interpretation – but there are drops of blood dripping down from between them as a result of their interaction. Interaction for many people is a hurtful experience – even if relationships are perfectly smooth, they can also result in hurt, for example when couples are separated by circumstances or even death. If the two halves are separated they would no longer form the heart in the picture. The message is clear – human interaction, of whatever nature – is a transformative experience that leaves no-one untouched.

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