“Rescuer” 2020 A2 acrylic canvas

Christina started this piece in June 2020 and completed it on June 28 – in just around a week!


  • Medium: acrylic on canvas
  • Size: A2


The painting shows a pair of arms approaching from top and bottom, hands clasping in a strained grip in the center of the canvas. Each is in a different tone of gray. The lower one appears to be reaching upward from a reflective darkness – a mirror perhaps, and the other reaching down from a slightly lighter background.

There are several interpretations open to the viewer; that the individual reaching down is raising the other individual from abyss in an act of rescue, or that the individual reaching up may be trying to pull the other down to their level. There are many possible interpretations, but in truth, the reflective darkness is a mirror, and both hands are of the same individual reaching toward their reflection – a metaphor for the individual meeting, accepting and helping themself.

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