Christina Engela has edited numerous works over time for various writers including family and friends, as well as for payment. She has edited previously for LightBearer Publishing and Riot Pink, and lately she edits on a part-time basis for Moon Books Publishing.

Edits by Christina Engela:

Edits for family – Christina’s parents:

  • African Assignment” by Theo Engela
    • “The Devil’s Pearl”
    • “Harry’s Diamond”
    • “Moment Of Action”
    • “A Change Of Heart”
    • “Run, Hide!”
    • “Assignment”
    • “Year Of The Wild Dog”
    • “Caprivi”
    • “The Wonderful Nightmare”
    • “Mad Moon”
    • “Assegai”
    • “Under A Sickle Moon”
  • A Way Of Life” by Theo Engela
  • “Only Yesterday” by Theo Engela
  • Shakandazu Valley” by Theo Engela
  • When Day Is Done” by Yvonne Lorraine Engela
  • Op Vreemde Wee” by Yvonne Lorraine Engela

Edits for family: Wendy K. Engela


  • “Anna – A Woman Scorned” by S.A. Kriel (2016)
  • “Darkest Hour” by S.A. Kriel (2016)
  • “The Stone Children” by S.A. Kriel (2016)
  • “Embracing Justice” for Riot Pink (2016)
    • “No Escape” by S.A. Kriel
    • “Angelica Mason: Warrior-Activist” by Rachel Redhead
    • “The Last Say” by Mifa Adejumo
  • “The Darkness Within Me” by Anya Louw (2018)
  • Christina Engela’s Strangely Compelling SciFi” for Moon Books Publishing (2019)
    • “Converstation With A Dead Man” by H. G. Emert
    • “Exile Recalled” by H. G. Emert
    • “Orang-U-Can” by Major Roxbrough
    • “Axevictim” by Major Roxbrough
    • “One Of Them” by Thomas M Malafarina
    • “Laney” by Thomas M. Malafarina
  • “Moon Books Horror Anthology #5” for Moon Books Publishing (2020)
    • “The Death Poem of Sensei Otoro” by Jonathan Maberry
    • “Normanwood” by Anya Louw
    • “Skinwalker” by Cedar J. Lockheart
    • “Corona Dance” by Major Roxbrough
    • “Remember When” by Thomas M. Malafarina
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