Bricks & Mortar: Talking Back To The Bigots

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This book is a compilation, analysis and discussion of a  series of debates that took place between gay rights advocates and other associated groups campaigning for the removal of their human rights, and reveals the lies, myths and misconceptions they believe and spread about the pink community.

Centering on the religious fundamentalism behind the policies and election drives of various religion-based political parties in South Africa in the run-up to the April 22 2009 general elections, several human rights advocates for GLBTI human rights and also freedom of religion, engaged supporters and even prominent members of these parties and groups in open debate on their Facebook groups.

It didn’t take very long for these debates to degenerate into a slugfest of note, with anti-gay and witch-hunting abuse and rhetoric flying.

Transcripts were made of these debates, and compiled into this document in order to educate the South African voter – even those identifying as Christians, about the hatefulness of the political parties campaigning under the guise of “Christianity” and deceiving their supporters. These transcripts reveal the shocking ignorance and intense and deep-seated hatred for anything which seems to challenge their conservative view of the world, and their refusal to accept any argument, dissent, presented evidence or fact which disproves any of their theories – even those which were supplied by foreign right wing groups which have been classified as hate groups.

Several things immediately become crystal clear – rampant conservatism, religious zealotry, and the prevalence of both ignorance and hatred. It becomes rather easy to start joining the dots between the check-lists under headings such as their “War on homosexuality” and genocide.

It is a sobering realization indeed to see the true nature of some political parties revealed, stripped of the pretense and veneer of political campaigning made to impress Christian voters. Once the gloves came off, these people completely forgot that their posts were publicly visible – and they were unmasked.

This document provides a frightening look into the world of the biblical literalist and what it means to the non-heterosexual community in South Africa who currently are firmly in the sights of the modern Christian fundamentalists.

This is a must-read for the intelligent voter – for those who wish to make an intelligent and informed decision in future elections.


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