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Religion! Isn’t this how religion has always worked? Read the book, obey the book, believe the book, hit other people over the head with the book if they don’t believe it too? If they don’t believe it, hate them and even kill them? Life by the book, death by the book. Very intelligent indeed.

This is a collection of thoughts about the assault on the human and civil rights of the pink community – LGBT and Intersex people – in post-Apartheid South Africa by hostile religious fundamentalism, and it is an encouragement to those who do not know enough about it to do some research and digging of their own.

It discusses various groups – civic and even political parties, their relationships to each other, what these people believe, what makes them fundamentalists, and what makes them dangerous – and also details the holes in their arguments and the flaws in their “facts”.

Knowledge is power.


  • Published: 2009
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