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Of all the starships in the Terran Space Fleet, the I.S.S. Mercury is probably the unluckiest ship in history. Not once, not twice, but many times over, the same hapless crew – give or take a few dozen casualties – on a supposed voyage of deep space exploration, stumble into the weird, wake the creepy and trip over the downright terrifying and possibly even supernatural…

While on a routine deep-space mission to chart the frontier of unknown space, they stumble across an apparent shipwreck that poses quite a mystery. How had the Kilgary – a cargo carrier last seen light years away forty years before – reached that part of space before the Mercury? Why couldn’t the cause of death of its crew be determined? What was in the deleted log entry of the Kilgary – and why had it been deleted?

The last thing Captain Stuart Flane expected while working to discover the answer to the enigma of the Kilgary, was a day-long running battle with the undead! Their troubles didn’t end there though, because the Mercury – their only ride home – was also in trouble!

And, as if all that wasn’t bad enough, the Mercury still had to contend with a crew of paranormal investigators from the most popular TV show, and a ship-load of cursed items!

Static” is the first title in the Panic! Horror In Space series by Christina Engela.

“I loved the suspense and thrill of it; I felt like any moment was going to break into horror. Zombies in space on a small, dead ship in the middle of nowhere is an utterly terrifying thought. I felt claustrophobic, like I was in that derelict with them… It’s refreshing to read some old-school action sci-fi that works more on the story than the plausibility of the sciences in it.” – Anike Kirsten, author of “Of Beasts And Men”.


  • Published: June 06, 2019
  • Words: 60,443
  • 252 pages (6×9 format paperback)


[Spoiler Alert]

Panic! Horror In Space” is series of horror misadventures in deep space with the crew of the starship Mercury – which, of all the starships in the elite Terran Space Fleet, is probably the unluckiest ship in history! Not once, not twice, but many times over, the same hapless crew – give or take a couple of replacements – on a supposed voyage of deep-space exploration – give or take a few dozen casualties, stumble into the weird, wake the creepy and trip over the downright terrifying and possibly even supernatural.

Panic! Is set in the Galaxii Series universe, using many of the same settings, references and background material.

Static” is the first title in the series, and the story is divided into four parts: “Mercury Rising”, “Mercury Resurgent”, “Dead Center” and “Through A Dark Glassy”.

In this, the first part of the horror escapade, the reader is introduced to the main characters, and is pretty quickly swept away into the turmoil of the predicament facing Captain Flane and his away team as they become trapped on the mystery ship they encountered in deep space.

It is a long-lost loderunner, the Kilgary – last seen about 40 years previously, which the starship Mercury just happened to encounter by chance. Flane decides to stop and investigate, and a small away team board the Kilgary with him.

They find the Kilgary a dead hulk with only low power left. The crew is dead, although no cause of death can be found. Strange log entries are discovered in the ship’s computer, and getting stranger as they go along… and then there’s the small matter of the one that was deleted. Why was it deleted, and by who? But that isn’t the worst of it, because there are worse, more terrifying secrets aboard the dead hulk of the Kilgary than deleted log entries.

On the Kilgary, Captain Stuart Flane and his trusty Exo and best friend, Commander Vic Chapman find themselves hip-deep in zombies… and the lurching, drooling undead appear to have the upper hand! While fighting for their lives, the away team discover they have been cut off from communicating with the Mercury, and as their numbers dwindle in a cruel, bloody fashion, the last survivors – Flane and Chapman – realize the true horror of their situation!

Stranded on the dead hulk that is the Kilgary, cornered in an airlock with the undead beating on the inner door – and no escape, they opt to go outside to try to attract the attention of their crewmates visually. It is there that Flane and Vic are faced with the ugly, frightening truth: the Mercury – whose lights they see go off just then – is also in trouble!

The History of “Static”

Static” is the direct descendant of “Panic! Horror In Space” volumes #1 and #2, originally published in 2017.

 Panic! Horror In Space #2 Front

The covers were rather nice and the stories were excellent… but the titles didn’t work out the way I wanted to… so finally in 2019, after disappointing sales, I took them back down and went back to the drawing board.

Instead of “vol #1, 2 etc.” I decided to give the volumes titles instead, and also I doubled them up. Where the original versions only contained two stories, the new version would contain 3 or 4, depending on length.

The result was “Static“, which contained all four parts that had originally been in vol 1 and 2. I published the first version of “Static” in 2019 on Lulu.

In 2019, I revised all the Panic!, Galaxii and Quantum Series books and redesigned all the covers so they all looked like part of their respective series – and unique from each other! At any rate, I feel the current series of covers does the story justice!


Page turning space sci-fi full of chills and fun from beginning to end…

“Christina Engela delivers a fun but chilling book that contains many of the familiar horror story tropes only now they are in space and on distant planets of the haunted/abandoned persuasion.

For what reads and feels like an anthology of shorter stories they are all linked by their events and of course ‘Captain Stuart Flane’ who by the end of it all has probably seen it all. From space ‘zoms’ to possessed dolls and ‘toys’ all the way to an abandoned formerly colonized planet that’s now inundated with ghost types playing havoc with furniture; our hero ‘Flane’ can only explain this stuff to the higher ups in the least absurd ways possible.

Those who are fans of classic and recent horror stories will find this to be a read in somewhat familiar territory while much of the events come unexpectedly and on the fringes of laugh out loud comedy. There’s mystery, suspense, a lot of fun and of course that element of the unexpected which will keep readers turning the pages. Many of the sub genres of horror are represented with hauntings, zombies, possessions and urban exploration all of which are set in the science fiction universe of the ‘Panic! Horror in Space series’.

4 Stars – Thank you to the author for providing an e copy. Reviews left via Goodreads and Amazon.” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer, February 13, 2020.

Awesome Indie Book Rec’s

…/ My next rec’ comes in the form of sci-fi by South African author Christina Engela with ‘Static’ which is a fusing of chilling horror and so much more. Those who have been tuning in for a while here at the Hall of Information will know that I’ve read and reviewed her stuff before; last year I took on the wonderful ‘Quantum’ series. (Book 1 review here.)

‘Static’ is a part the ‘Panic! Horror Space’ series and combines elements of horror with comedy which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can expect a review for the next story in the series soon!

Recent review:

‘Those who are fans of classic and recent horror stories will find this to be a read in somewhat familiar territory while much of the events come unexpectedly and on the fringes of laugh out loud comedy.’ /…” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer, March 02, 2020.

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