About Space Sucks!

About Space Sucks! (as told by Christina Engela):

“Space Sucks!” is a series of of sci-fi themed short stories by Christina Engela collected into volumes.

I began making up and writing stories literally as soon as I could hold a wax crayon, but I only really began writing short stories at high school, frequently as compositions for English class. Thanks to my obsession with self-improvement, very few of those survived into my adulthood as they were originally. Most were rewritten until I was satisfied with them, or were later included into later novels as subplots or section of new stories. A few took on lives of their own and grew to become novellas or novels.

“Space Sucks” contains the short stories that remain standing by themselves, some of my original writings appear in the first volume, together with some of my later works, unlike the second volume which consists entirely of newer works.

Space Sucks” was first published in 2006, with the latest edition of “Space Sucks” appearing in 2019. A follow-up title, “Space Sucks Too!” was published in 2020.

I do have plans for a third volume, entitled “Space Really Sucks!” – which will be announced as soon as I have enough material!


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