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Enjoy a humorous look at life in space through the eyes of some colorful characters in this collection of five unique sci-fi tales by Christina Engela, spanning everything from adventure to suspense to comedy and then back again!

“It’s refreshing to read some old-school action sci-fi that works more on the story than the plausibility of the sciences in it.” – Anike Kirsten, author of “Of Beasts And Men”.

“Christina Engela has one of the most unique and captivating styles I’ve encountered in science fiction. Elements of the thriller, fantasy/horror and big dollops of Douglas Adamsesque humor combine with hard science to make a winning and highly readable blend.” – Alex S. Johnson, author of The Doom Hippies.


  • Published: September 02, 2019
  • Words: 23,175


[Spoiler Alert]

  1. “Code Red” – After an unexpected battle in orbit over a strange planet, the crew of the surviving battlecruiser land to repair their damage – and to look for a good spot to plant their flag. (1988)
  2. “The Devils In The Sky” – a ship on deep space patrol is attacked by an unknown alien warship. (1993)
  3. “A Really Bad Day In The Life Of Lance-Corporal Thomas O’Blivion” – an entertaining and comical tale about the adventures of a young security guard on a space station. (1995)
  4. “Beyond” – The commander of Earth’s first interstellar flight is recalled because it is discovered she is transgender. (1998)
  5. “I, Mac” – The hilarious tale of an insurance salesman exacting revenge on his abusive childhood bully of a cousin when the cousin drops in for an unannounced visit . (2006)


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