Galaxii Characters & Plot Devices

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These are some of the characters and other plot devices used in the Galaxii Series of novels:

Characters and objects are listed separately and in alphabetical order, categorized into Characters, Objects, Planets & Colonies, Ships (Civilian), Ships (Alien), Alien Races and Events.


  • Accelera, Marna, Ensign, I.S.S. Antares – helmsman. originally from Morosia, a newer Terran colony near Andronicus.
  • Barnes, Lisa, Captain, I.S.S. Darraine – Captain of the first Terran starship to actually ‘go beyond’ (on purpose).
  • Bennet, Dellon, Ensign, I.S.S. Mordrake – helmsman. A young junior officer aboard the Mordrake, and love interest of Commander Joe Lofflin.
  • Billingham, Ralph, Lt. Commander, I.S.S. Mordrake – Chief Entech Officer of the Mordrake.
  • Blachart (the Bloody), (true name unknown), Captain, Undertaker – a greatly feared Corsair captain with a string of myths and legends behind him. Known only as “Blachart”, this man who is highly skilled in the arts of space combat, tactics, assassination, survival, strategy and weapons-collecting, has a taste for the finer things in life. When his ship, the Undertaker, is captured in an encounter with an imperial ship, the Antares, he is offered a fresh start in exchange for acting as a guide for a special Space Fleet task force being sent to reconnoiter the Corsair home-world Meradinis. He acquits himself well of this task and makes a friend for life in Captain Mykl d’Angelo. Although Blachart doesn’t strictly regard himself as gay, he is somewhat pansexual. [“Blachart“] These days, Blachart goes by the name ‘Adam’.
  • Blaine, Philip Wainright, Captain I.S.S. Mordrake – the predecessor of Joseph Lofflin as Captain of the Mordrake, murdered by one of his own crew.
  • Blige, Adrian, Lieutenant, I.S.S. Mordrake – commtech officer on Mordrake. Known for his friendly disposition and sing-song voice.
  • Carlson, Josh, Commander, I.S.S. Mordrake – appointed as executive officer to Captain Joseph Lofflin following Lofflin’s own promotion to Captain.
  • Collins, Harry, Chief Medical Officer, I.S.S. Mordrake – Doctor Collins is one of Captain Joseph Lofflin’s main confidants and friends onboard the Mordrake.
  • d’AngeloMykl, Captain I.S.S. Antares – (service number 46979701). He is 33 years old at the time of introduction [“Blachart“]. d’Angelo was born on the planet Eden, and grew up during their fierce civil war. Starting at the age of 17, he fought on the side of the Edonian Democratic Alliance as a child soldier, before ambitiously becoming a fighter pilot in their air force. He became something of an ‘ace’, scoring twenty-five kills in aerial combat.
    • Terran service record:
      • When the Terran Empire finally entered the war a few years later to support the Dems, Mr. d’Angelo enlisted as a local volunteer pilot in a special squadron equipped and run by the Space Fleet’s Fighter Wing – they were trained on and flew the Skorpiad aerospace fighters. By the age of nineteen, he was doing just as well as before. By the end of the war, he was a 20 year old Pilot-Captain and an ‘ace’ with fifty-seven confirmed kills to his credit. He received five awards from the EDA, including three special citations of valor and two medals – the Blue Star for gallantry and the A.M. Fields Medal for bravery. d’Angelo also received a citation “for outstanding leadership skills in combat” from the CO of the Terran Fighter Wing based on Eden.
      • When Eden rejoined the Commonwealth, he had no life to go back to on Eden, and decided to join the Space Fleet instead. That’s where he met Ripley Jones, and the two had a disastrous and brief romance. Otherwise, d’Angelo did very well at the Academy, and graduated near the top of the class at 26 years of age, a little older than most due to his late start.
      • His first commission was as a Lieutenant aboard the I.S.S. Valdek under Captain Andersen, where he served for two years.Next, he spent two years as a Lt. Commander aboard the I.S.S. Santorini. Then, as a Commander, he served as Exec for Captain Akida of the I.S.S. Liberty for another two years.
      • During his six years in the Service, he received three awards for valor, and several notations for dedication to duty.
      • He resigned eight months before the period of Blachart, citing personal reasons, which involved a hostage incident on Ahginos immediately prior, while he was the Exec on the Liberty. He was with a group of his crew on shore leave on Ahginos, when the riots broke out.They were held hostage by the revolutionaries for seven days. They tortured five to death before the colonial police and marines finally broke through and got them out.
  • Falcone, Joel (“Joey”), Captain – Mykl d’Angelo’s predecessor as Captain of the I.S.S. Antares. He is the officer responsible for reactivating Mykl d’Angelo’s Space Fleet commission as a Commander.
  • Grant, Samuel.J, – Governor of Tremaine Colony.
  • Hanson, Greg, Lieutenant, I.S.S. Antares – chief of security aboard the Antares.
  • Hathaway, Meri ‘Hal’ – Captain, Intelligence Division, Terran Imperial Space Fleet.
  • Hell Queen, the – the only female Corsair to achieve prominence. She had a squadron of her own black ships, and became known for showing even less mercy than some of her male counterparts. The Hell Queen was all long blood-red hair, black make-up, corsets, and pale white skin. Rumor had it, she favored torture, and some of the unlikely tales that followed her exploits mentioned drinking the blood of her victims, like a vampire. These tales are largely discounted by the Terrans, even after the fall of the Corsairs, as ‘lingering propaganda’ and ‘scary stories to frighten children’.
  • Irons, Jeffrey, Lt. Commander, Security Marine Detatchment, Starbase 14 – nicknamed ‘Old Fire Irons’ by his terrified staff on account of the man’s red hair and tendency to turn crimson when enraged – which is fairly often.
  • Jang – a crewman working for Mykl d’Angelo aboard his loderunner Pegasus, killed when something goes spectacularly wrong in the engine room.
  • Jones, Ripley, Commander, I.S.S. Antares – executive officer, I.S.S. Antares.
  • Kilroy, Martel, a.k.a ‘Martel the Mighty’, the Patron of Meradinis – the administrative leader of the Corsairs, based in the Black Palace on Meradinis. Brother of Sona Kilroy, ‘the Hammer’.
  • Kilroy, Sona a.k.a. ‘The Hammer’ – Admiral of the Corsair’s Black Fleet, who eludes capture during the first Battle of Turtle Island, captures the I.S.S. Indomitable, and sets out to rebuild the Corsair Fleet in deep space.
  • Kinsley, Jessica, Lieutenant, I.S.S. Mordrake – science section linguistic ‘expert’ with a romantic crush on Commander Joseph Lofflin. She is responsible for the translation of the alien derelict ship’s database which in turn helps the crew of the Mordrake to locate the spare parts they need to repair the Mordrake’s engines, thereby playing an important part in saving the lives of the crew.
  • Kneal, Samantha, Ensign, I.S.S. Antares – weapons officer.
  • Linson, Eric, Lieutenant, I.S.S. Antares – helmsman.
  • Lofflin, Joseph, Captain I.S.S. Mordrake – Formerly the Exo (Executive Officer) Joe Lofflin succeeds Captain Blaine, who was murdered after being blamed for stranding the crew of the Mordrake in deep space.
  • Marsha – a transgender bar owner on Caries, a Terran colony, and love interest of Adam.
  • Muller, Jacob , Ensign, I.S.S. Antares age 38, sensor operator.
  • Murphy, Sergeant, Security Marine, I.S.S. Mordrake – Last surviving most senior security marine aboard the Mordrake.
  • Nordyke, Ric, Lieutenant, I.S.S. Antares – the young comtech officer.
  • Nore, Adam Commander, I.S.S. Antares – Chief Entech of the Antares. He was due for retirement, perhaps because he feared getting blown through another set of plate-glass windows.
  • Nurris, Chock – a wholly fictional character, even in Galaxii, that features in action movies in the time in which Galaxii is set. The character is frequently the topic of jokes – often very lame jokes – such as ‘Chock Nurris isn’t hung like a horse – horses are hung like Chock Nurris.
  • O’Blivion, Thomas, Lance-Corporal, Security Marine Detachment, Starbase 14 – The young hero of Starbase 14 who saves the station from being blown in half by plugging a hole with his helmet – while still wearing it.
  • Payne, Jaki, Doctor, I.S.S. Antares – Chief Medical Officer aboard the Antares. She’s great at healing terrible wounds and genetic limb replacement. (If you need a hand, she’s your man.) Just ask Blachart. Arr.
  • Ruoto, Emiira, Ensign, I.S.S. Mordrake – a young ensign originally from Bayern Colony, who filled in as sensor operations officer after the Mordrake is marooned in deep space.
  • Sanchez, Mykl, Vice Admiral, Space Fleet – a high ranking officer based at the Space Fleet base on Pluto.
  • Tan, Fylip, Lieutenant, I.S.S. Mordrake – weapons officer aboard Mordrake.
  • Weaver – a crewman working for Mykl d’Angelo aboard his loderunner Pegasus, killed when something goes spectacularly wrong in the engine room. Remembered by d’Angelo for the various bright colors he changed as the energy pulsed through him.
  • Wilby, Cecil, Colonel, Intelligence Division, Terran Imperial Space Fleet – a Director of Space Fleet Intelligence.


This is a listing of general objects frequently referred to in the Galaxii Series.


  • Armor 50 ‘Chicken’ – a 50 foot high piloted war-droid of bipedal configuration featuring strongly in the civil war on Marcellus, a failed Terran colony.
  • Astor/s – a navigational term, a contraction of ‘asteroid/s’ in common use at the time.
  • Astroplex – a theme park on Earth all about space travel and the colonies. Most of the important colonies are represented there. The simulations are very accurate.
  • Autorifle – an automatic or semi-automatic projectile-firing weapon.
  • Black Fleet, The – the Corsair’s fleet of marauding starships, which consisted mainly old converted loderunners, as well as some captured or stolen Terran warships. 240 of these take part in the attack on Starbase 91.
  • Black Palace, The – the seat of Corsair government on Meradinis.
  • Black Watch, the – the elite bodyguard of the Patron of Meradinis, the government of the Corsair world.
  • Blaster – an energy weapon that discharges a form of energy, be it in phased laser or plasma energy form. Also sometimes referred to as a ‘plasma-rifle’ or ‘phazor’. The standard-issue side-arm for Space Fleet is the Sanjan J-10, which fires plasma energy bolts which has an ‘electrical’ effect on the target. At the lowest setting they could inflict third degree burns at a range of 70 meters. At the highest, they could incinerate, cut or vaporize. The instantaneous high energy transfer effect is similar to a small localized explosion. Endurance is between 1500 and 2000 shots, depending on charge, setting and the type of energy cell used.

  • Brackmeister 440 – if a sweeplaser is seen as an awesome equivalent of a machine gun of the time, then a Brackmeister is a sweeplaser among sweeplasers. It is a fully automatic pain dispenser and general all-round death-dealer.
  • Camogarb – camouflage garb – i.e. camouflage fatigues, a uniform or clothing worn by soldiers.
  • Comlink – a mobile communications device not unlike a mobile or smart phone used for communications between crew and their ships when on external missions. These can be used for texting, video or audio calls.
  • Corsairs – space pirates. The Corsairs at the time of ‘Blachart’ and ‘Demonspawn’ have been terrorizing Terran colonies for decades. They wear black clothing as their uniform, their ships are converted loderunners, painted black, armed with all manner of stolen and improvised weaponry including slamtorpedoes, industrial lasers and magnetic rail guns. They are fierce and a sly, deadly foe. They definitely do not say ‘arr!‘.

  • Durastress – a highly resilient industrial alloy processed by merging high-impact plastics, steel and other compounds using an industrial transmatter which merges materials on the molecular level. Durastress is very strong and durable, and used in most things which require these characteristics. It is a common element used in the construction of space vessels, buildings, weapons, and common appliances. In some applications, it can be made transparent.
  • Erronium – a strange and rare material which has interesting uses. Densified cross-plied erronium, which if thick enough, could diffuse sensor fields to disguise life signals, among other things.
  • Gravitas – a company that manufactures artificial gravity systems for use in space ships and stations etc.
  • Gravity net – the artificial gravity system networked into the deck plating of space ships and stations. The graviton emitter network creates artificial gravity. Unlike people generally expect, the gravity net is not fitted to the deck plating itself, but above it, usually in the ceiling above the deck, since the effect of a graviton generator is to repel objects away from it, downwards.
  • Hydrium cells – the emergency batteries on a starship use condensed hydrium as a storage medium.
  • Jump-platform – the staging platform of a transmatter unit.
  • Loderunner – a name for a freighter or freight carrying starship.
  • Martian Quail When humans began terraforming Mars, Martian Quail was one of the native Martian species that awoke from prolonged hibernation.  Martian Quail roughly resembles Earth quails except they are the size of a bull and slightly more aggressive. Apparently it can take a high explosive shell from an elephant gun to bring one down.
  • Metroplex, a/the – a common name for a public recreation center, featuring attractions such as restaurants, pubs, performing theaters and movie theaters, music halls, gambling houses, game centers, etc. Sometimes in close proximity to a shopping mall.
  • Moogies – a club of some ill repute on Meradinis, perhaps most famously visited by Captain Mykl d’Angelo and the former Corsair captain (and legend) Blachart during the scouting mission which was a prelude to the Space Fleet attack on the Corsair world.
  • Morosi – a popular subculture and style of dress and make-up similar to 20 and 21st century Goth and Emo.
  • Paladian steel – a particularly high quality form of reworked, refined and crafted steel exported from Paladia, a friendly alien world. Known as the strongest pure steel – short of transmuted alloys – it is highly prized in weapons, being ideal for never-blunting knives and swords etc.
  • Ruminarii, The, a warlike reptilian race that suddenly attacked Earth in the mid 21st century, resulting in the Gimp War.  In four short centuries they had managed to lay waste almost a thousand star systems, enslaving their populations and stripping them of all they wanted.  It has been said that if the Harrt’shisk Hab’arr’oun (Empire of the Golden Sun) ever had any allies; it would’ve been a short-lived alliance indeed.  Their ferocity was matched only by their boldness. They display only the negative emotions.  How a race founded purely on hate, spite and evil managed to flourish as they did is a question on which few civilizations have survived to speculate.  The Ruminarii are bipeds.  They are a reptilian species (which probably goes a long way to explain their cold bloodedness.)  Suitably shaped is the best non-offensive description I can find.  Otherwise, they’re f***ing ugly.  At least by most standards.
  • Starship – a space vessel equipped with a faster-than-light drive.
  • Starshuttle – a shuttle with faster-than-light capability.
  • Terran Mafia, the – an underground Terran criminal organization that sometimes deals with Corsairs, particularly in technology, information, ships and weapons.
  • Transmatter – a teleportation device which dematerializes solid objects, transmits them to a specific location, and then rematerializes them. The term suggests the transmission of matter, hence ‘transmatter’.
  • Viewscreen – the main viewer on the bridge of a starship, used as an aid in navigation, communication and presentation.
  • Viktor Viper – a pseudo-weapon thing which gives energy weapons a bad name on account of their tendency to misfire like nobody’s business. Typically carried by rich folks who have no inkling of what a real weapon is supposed to do, and usually because they could be concealed so well because of their size. Marketed as a real weapon by the Viktor Corporation.

Planets & Colonies:

  • Altimitsu-2 – a planet.
  • Atooin – another planet.
  • Andre’lan – birthplace of Blachart, then a war-ravaged failed colony world in the grips of a civil war.
  • Brigid 4.4 – once called Hamet by the extinct race that once lived there, Brigid 4.4 is the fourth moon of the planet Brigid-4, which orbits Brigid, a gas giant located in the system’s habitable zone, being just the right distance from its sun, and has eight moons of its own, one of which is Brigid 4.4. The planet-sized moon appears to have supported an advanced civilization once. Debris, including dead satellites, several defunct nuclear warheads, and a few small ships that look like shuttles and fighters drift slowly around the planet like bugs swarming around a corpse. Even though the nuclear winter has begun receding, most of the polar regions are still covered in thick sheets of ice. The tell-tale sign of radiation still cling to the surface. The equatorial region is virtually free of ice and snow, and the ruins of giant cities mark the devastated land – broken and shattered towers, craters that marked the site of devastating explosions, collapsed structures, roadways choked with rubble and the remains of long-decayed vehicles. The planet was devastated by war approximately 2987 years ago.
  • Bayern Colony – a Terran colony.
  • Bernardus – a star system home to the Terran colonies of Tremaine and Andronicus, Earth’s two oldest extrasolar colonies. Starbase 91 is in a solar orbit relatively close to Tremaine.
  • Beowulf – a colony world on the common trade routes.
  • Brien – a Terran colony world.
  • Bril Su-Harn – a Terran colony world.
  • Caries – a newly settled Terran colony, a curious little world, part of a four planet star system, the rest uninhabitable. The planet is known for the interesting local life that had survived the terraforming process, giving the world oxygen and water and an atmosphere for the humans to breathe. Interesting Sulphur-based life and forests of giant mold-like plants cover the hills and plains of Caries, making it look to the rest of the universe like a discarded week-old slice of bread – some of which appears to be growing on each other. The planet’s main claim to fame so far is the science station at the North Pole, euphemistically called Geek City.
  • Deanna – a recently discovered and mapped planet on the borders of civilization, which has been earmarked for colonization.

  • Delubrian-3 – another planet.
  • Eden – a colony world isolated from the rest of the Terran empire for roughly 20 years by civil war. The capital, Adamsville, was the birthplace of Mykl d’Angelo.
  • Endicor – the second Corsair base world founded by Sona Kilroy, the scene of the Second Battle of Turtle Island. The capital was, briefly, Freetown.
  • Faire Goden – a Terran colony.
  • Floridia-7 – known as the most haunted abandoned Terran outpost in the universe. According to the team of paranormal investigators from ‘Specter Adventures’, Foridia-7 was ‘A promising paradise planet settled by two thousand miners, artisans and administrators over 40 years ago – suddenly abandoned for no apparent reason! What drove the people who came here in search of adventure and wealth in a highly profitable selenium mine to suddenly just walk away from it all? Was it abuse of power by the administrators? Was it the high accidental death rate? Is the Prosperity Selenium Mine on Floridia seven haunted?’ Apparently, it was.
  • Gorda – a colony world that produces a lot of electronic products.
  • Hermes system, the – a star system on the common trade routes.
  • Hollywood Beta – known as ‘the movie planet’, it is almost exclusively a movie set, with just once actual Terran settlement on it, which is primarily focused on the production of movies – although a healthy secondary activity in the form of tourism has also developed. The planet’s diverse terrain, climate and scenery are ideal for real film shoots in an age where audiences, bored with CGI renditions, are more demanding.
  • Horner’s World – an isolated desolate chunk of rock in the furthest known reaches of the Omegan Quadrant – a vast stretch of barely charted, let alone known, space. This is the location of the battle between the I.S.S. Mordrake and a Corsair ship.
  • Marcellus – an average sized world in an average kind of star system, and one of several failed Terran colonies wracked by civil war. Marcellus was colonized roughly fifty years before the common story era. This war, which escalated from unrest resulting from a complete failure of their political system, has lasted decades, by which time they had been isolated from the rest of Humankind for almost as long. There are two geographically large, though relatively sparsely populated states on Marcellus. One is a struggling Libcracy barely surviving, and the other – the Marcellan Conmoral Republic, or M.C.R, holds to a peculiar combination of conservative pseudo-democratic and fascist ideologies. By the time the war has already cost a million or more lives, still with no end in sight, the Terran Empire intervenes by supplying the Libs with weapons and training. Marcellans have developed their own Terran dialect, the effect of such long isolation, but which has become the subject of interest of many linguists.
  • Meradinis – a.k.a. ‘Turtle Island’. The secret base world of the Corsairs, hidden deep within the unexplored expanse of the Omegan Quadrant. Following the fall of the Corsair civilization to the Terran Empire, Meradinis becomes a protectorate, with a 20 year travel ban being enforced to give the population time to prepare to be reintegrated into the Terran Empire as a colony.

  • Morosia – a newer colony in the region of Andronicus. All Morosians are perceived as serious and a little…er, morose. It has something to do with the planet itself – apparently, the entire chemistry of it is an environmental and biosphere metaphor for well, a commercial for anti-depressant medication. It is in the air, in the water, the plants, the animal life, everything, and it carries over into the Terran colonists as well, making a home for itself in their very base DNA. The colony is very rich in Goth and emo culture, and various uh…variations. Black featured so strongly in the Morosian wardrobe, that, if seen off-world, one could be forgiven for thinking they are Corsairs – which has resulted in some awkward travel advisories in the past.
  • Omegan Quadrant – a dangerous, unexplored part of space full of Corsairs, hiding the Corsair homeworld. Among other things.
  • Pluto Base – a military base set up on Pluto in the Home System. The base was set up shortly after the defeat of the invading Ruminarii at the end of the Gimp War. The initial purpose of the base, called Pluto Base, was to study and dissect the remains of the Ruminarii base abandoned by the Gimp, primarily for intelligence purposes and for the recovery and reverse-engineering of captured alien technologies. In subsequent years, the base shifted focus and became an outpost, military training facility and sensor post at the far end of the Home System. Among minor details there is also a museum dedicated to the Battle of Pluto, which was fought in orbit and on the surface during the troop landings at the close of the Gimp War, which is visited by many tourists annually.
  • Porter’s World – a Terran mining colony orbited by Starbase 14. There is some labor unrest on Porters World, but the trouble usually occurs on the orbiting Starbase, since that’s where the mining corporation’s offices are located.
  • Tarsus – a tourist planet and popular holiday destination. This would’ve been where Joel Falcone, former Captain of the Antares, was planning to retire.
  • Tegra – a Terran colony world.
  • Tremaine – a lovely colonial world in the Bernardus System, which it shares with the younger colony, Andronicus. Typical of the older colonies, Tremaine is at the time of ‘Blachart’ almost on a social par with the mother world itself.  Founded about a century earlier, when the first Terran starship to make an interstellar jump (I.S.S. Darraine) discovered it, Tremaine started as a farming colony and later a trade-world for newer neighboring colonies.  Currently its prime exports are gold, platinum farming produce and certain chemicals. Its cities, although smaller and further apart, and its population about a quarter of Earth, leave much open space and give the impression of very careful planning. Its skies are blue and clear, the continents smaller than those of Earth, landscapes mostly pristine, untouched. It is a well-known source for medicinal substances derived from the indigenous equatorial forests.

  • Vista Prime – a young colony in the Quillian Sector.
  • Yalta 2 – a planet in the Yalta 198 system. The Corsairs called the planet Yalta 2 ‘Bacon’s Folly’, after Aldovar Bacon, the name of the man who set up a Corsair maintenance base, and refueling station, long abandoned due to particularly aggressive vegetation on the planet surface. Sharp spines, leaves, branches… everything that grows down there seems designed to stab, cut or gore – which could be why there’s no animal life left on the planet, aside from some very smart and very tough bugs. It’s also one of the reasons it was abandoned… the plants kept breaking down the concrete in the base walls, growing through it. The fuel reservoirs weren’t safe. Herbicides and fire were tried as a last-ditch desperate solution just before the Corsairs skipped out of there – but fire accelerates their growth – and just made it worse. Travel advisory – watch your feet.

Ships (Civilian):

This is a listing of Terran civilian ships mentioned in the Galaxii Series.

  • Celeste – an average type of loderunner, Rotanga Class.
  • Duval – One of the very largest loderunners in space, Bannor class, registry number TR-74.

  • Kilgary – A loderunner, Foreman Class. Civilian Freight Carrier. Registration: YT-47699. Crew: 47. A derelict vessel discovered 43 years after mysteriously vanishing. If found, do not approach! STEER CLEAR! 

Kilgary, front view

Kilgary, stern view

  • Pegasus – a loderunner belonging to Mykl d’Angelo. He is rescued by Antares after it breaks down in deep space.

Ships (Alien):

This is a listing of ships of alien origin mentioned in the Galaxii Series.

  • Derelict, the – A warship of the ancient Empire of Kol, their designation ‘The Warrior Eternal’, lost when a secret weapon bound for a secret testing facility escapes and kills the entire crew. The derelict is found thousands of years later by the marooned crew of the I.S.S. Mordrake.

  • Ruminarii Hammerhead – Cruiser, Hammerhead Class (Terran categorization). Ruminarii Space Navy. Registration: Unknown. Crew: 500, including warriors. The main warship of the warlike Ruminarii, so named because of its peculiar hull shape.  (The current advice in general circulation would be ‘if you see one, look for a hole – crawl into it and then pull it in after you.’) A hammerhead is about a kilometer long and is a dark shiny black, as black as space and – as some whisper, as dark as the souls of the Ruminarii themselves.

Alien Races:

Below is a selection of some of the alien races with which the average Terran might come into casual contact with (with the exception of Ruminarii):

  • Arborians – (species Sapiens flora silicae) an alien sentient plant race that can move and talk. Their home is Arboria, a neutral world friendly to the Terran Empire.
  • Catatians – Species 42709A, a species which outwardly resembles ordinary household cats (with a few small hard to see differences in biological structure). Catatians are from Catatia, a planet in orbit of a star called the Cat’s Eye. Any resemblance to the feline species, however, is purely co-incidental. Meow.
  • Jim-waians – A gray-skinned bipedal race from the planet Jim-wa. They are typically merchants who set up stalls and small shops, usually restaurants. The curvaceous script of Sivhar, the dominant script of Jim-waian society, and the language in which their ubiquitous holy scriptures were written, often decorates the inner walls of their homes and businesses, painted on with the seeming loving care and fearfully attentive dedication of scribes who believed they would suffer an eternity in an arid, flaming afterlife without any virgins if they spelled a word wrong, or put a dot in the wrong place. Smaller markings between the words indicate verse-markers – and that these are verses quoted from the Shivar Nahgur’at – the ‘Book of All Ages’.
  • Ruminarii, the – a warlike reptilian race. In four short centuries they had managed to lay waste almost a thousand star systems, enslaving their populations and stripping them of all they wanted. It has been said that if the Harrt’shisk Hab’arr’oun (Empire of the Golden Sun) ever had any allies; it would’ve been a short-lived alliance indeed. Their ferocity was matched only by their boldness. Ruminarii typically display only the negative emotions. How a race founded purely on hate, spite and evil managed to flourish as they did is a question on which few civilizations have survived to speculate. The Ruminarii are bipeds. They are a reptilian species (which probably goes a long way to explain their cold bloodedness.) Suitably shaped is the best non-offensive description I can find. Otherwise, they’re f***ing ugly. At least by most standards.


Events commonly referred to in Galaxii Series stories.)

  • Battle of Pluto, the – the final battle of the Gimp War, when the Earth Defense Fleet arrived at the planet and engaged remaining Ruminarii forces, and defeated them.
  • Battle of Turtle Island (First and Second) – The first battle was fought in orbit around Meradinis, the second at Endicor three months later, both times between forces of the Terran Space Fleet and ships of the Corsair Black Fleet. Both signaled the ultimate demise of the Corsair menace.
  • Christmas Massacres, the – almost a hundred thousand people, mostly civilians, were slaughtered when a Corsair fleet descended on three local colonies simultaneously.
  • Gimp War, the – a hostile alien species called the Ruminarii invaded the Home System with the goal of conquering Earth, resulting in the Gimp War, which lasted several years, culminating in the Battle of Pluto in which the Gimp are pushed back and for all intents and purposes, defeated. The victory inspires Earth to completely unite and brings about the founding of the Terran Empire.

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