Dead Beckoning

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Dead Beckoning” is the tale of Adam – a former Corsair working to expunge his bloody past by doing good… Starting with helping the imperial star ship Antares to track down and capture one of the most powerful and feared Corsairs in legend: Sona Kilroy… aka The Hammer.

The terror of the marauding Corsairs was supposed to be over, but it wasn’t. Not just yet.

Like every warrior who leaves home to go to war, Adam hopes to return to the arms of his love – but Adam isn’t exactly a soldier, and Marsha… well, Marsha isn’t exactly standard spec either… but if he did return, he hoped to return to her.

Dead Beckoning” is the third title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela.


  • Published: Second Edition, June 12, 2018
  • Words: 51,980 (Flowing Text eBook)


[Spoiler Alert]

Dead Beckoning” is the third title in the Galaxii Series, a saga set in a distant future.

Sona Kilroy is the one that got away – a Corsair – but not just any old space pirate – the most cunning, vicious and dangerous of them all – Sona Kilroy, ‘The Hammer’ – former Admiral of the Black Fleet and brother of the Patron of the Black Palace!

Having survived the Terran invasion of the Corsair home world and the fall of Meradinis, and escaped the full might of the assembled Terran Space Fleet, Kilroy has done the seemingly impossible – he captured the very same Terran warship sent to capture him! Now, using the Indomitable, he has set about gathering Corsair stragglers and rebuilding the Corsair culture on another world in the dark depths of the Omegan Quadrant, from where he threatens to wreak piratical vengeance upon every Terran colonist in deep space – and further, he’s put a bounty on the head of his former colleague Blachart’s for good measure!

The I.S.S. Mordrake and I.S.S. Antares under way together.

Nearly four months later, the Terran Space Fleet discovers what Kilroy has been up to when a small surveillance base in an asteroid field is destroyed, and hastily charges the crews of the Antares and the Mordrake, two very experienced ships, with the task of bringing Kilroy to heel. For Captain Joe Lofflin of the Mordrake, it’s a chance to get back into the swing of things after a three month shore leave on Tremaine following serious repairs for his ship. For Mykl d’Angelo, Captain of the Antares, dealing with Corsairs is not a safe bet without the assistance of someone who knows Corsairs – and Kilroy intimately, so his first goal is to find and recruit the man formerly known as Blachart the Bloody.

Blachart is a reformed Corsair who, while making the most of his new Terran pardon –  and going by the name Adam – has only just begun to forge a relationship with Marsha, a girl who came to the fringe to make a fresh start, and to get away from her former male past. For Marsha, life out on the fringe is definitely not what she expected, and for her, having met someone she can finally feel safe and open with is a relief met with the counter-weight of risk to her safety by whatever it is this man has got himself into.

Adam is found on the barely-established new Terran colony of Caries, and recruited by Mykl d’Angelo – the closest thing Adam has to a friend in the universe –  to join their task force to help them hunt down Kilroy, to end the threat of Corsairs once and for all, and to put an end to the bounty on his life. They embark on a wild adventure to find, capture or end Kilroy – before it’s too late! This leads to the Second Battle of Turtle Island, and a climactic confrontation between the forces of good and evil, while the fate of the civilized galaxy hangs in the balance.

This is the third episode in the Galaxii Series, consisting of “Blachart”, “Demonspawn” and “Dead Beckoning”.


Dead Beckoning” is the third book in the Galaxii Series, packed with comedy, suspense and action, and tells the tale of Adam – a former Corsair working to expunge his bloody past by doing good… Starting with helping Mykl d’Angelo – captain of the imperial star ship Antares to track down and capture one of the most powerful and feared Corsairs in legend: Sona Kilroy… aka The Hammer.

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The History of “Dead Beckoning”

When I was in high school in 1986, I started working on an intended novel called “The Red Star”. As time went by, this story morphed and changed, grew longer – and then got split up to make new stories that would become entities in their own right. “Blachart” was the first of these to be completed, and “Demonspawn” was the second. A lot of left-over material formed the foundations of what would later become the third book, “Dead Beckoning“.

Dead Beckoning” is the third and latest title in Galaxii, and it was first published in August 2014, shortly after I finally finished writing it!

In fact, a day after publishing it on Lulu, I got approached by a small press which presented itself as a “traditional publisher”, and so it got taken down again, along with all my other titles in the series – since they promised to re-release them all through their label once some editing, formatting and cover design had been done! I was over the moon!

The experience left me disappointed and frustrated however – and things did not go the way I’d hoped. Unfortunately, the company only ever re-published two of those titles – Blachart and Demonspawn, and only ever got as far as doing cover design for “Dead Beckoning“.

By 2016 though, things had changed. The publisher abandoned all its ‘non-purist’ horror writers and cut us all loose, so I went back to indie-publishing again. By July 2016, I republished the Second Edition of “Dead Beckoning” on, using the same cover released to me by the publisher.

In early 2018, I took a look at the channels through which my books were being distributed – and decided that I should also place my titles at Smashwords to gain access to their distribution network also. Smashwords have different publishing formatting requirements to Lulu, and and so, while I was busy releasing “Blachart” via Smashwords, I discovered that I had to reformat the entire manuscript to meet their technical specifications! It looked daunting at first, but I’m a quick study and in the end it wasn’t as hard as I initially thought.

While I was at it (the most dangerous words known to humanity) I spotted a couple of editing errors in “Dead Beckoning” left over from my “traditional” publishing days, and set off to check the whole manuscript for more. This sparked off another edit, and then I added a little bit here, and a little bit there… and before I realized it, a drastic complete rewrite was underway!

I evaluated each sentence. I added a stack of more material… back-stories and extras that would enrich and enhance the overall experience of what I had envisioned as the Galaxii Series! Two weeks later, the Second Edition of “Dead Beckoning” was finished, completed with a fantastic new cover I’d designed, which would also form the basis of a template for the entire Galaxii Series, and which I also modified for my other series, Quantum and Panic! In 2019 I revised all the covers to further refine the brand and their look!



One Of The Best Voices In Sci-fi Right Now

“Quite simply, Christina Engela is one of the best voices in sci-fi right now and to not read her work would be to miss a treat!

If you like classic space opera with an ultra-modern twist, you should check her out. Having read previews of her forthcoming work [Dead Beckoning], I can guarantee you the best is yet to come…” – Mark Woods, author of ‘Fear of the Dark’ and ‘Time of Tides’

Author Questions:

1) In Dead Beckoning you bring Mykl d’Angelo and Blachart the Corsair back together again as a team; what is the nature of their relationship?

Mykl and Blachart started out in “Blachart” as adversaries, but by the end of that story they were already friends. Their initial adventure concluded, Blachart went on his way to try and make a fresh start in life, traveling, trying to leave his Corsair past behind him as ‘Adam’.

Blachart is found on a small fringe colony, trying hard to make the most of his Imperial pardon, and experimenting with alternate identity… He has been living under assumed names for so long, this man of mystery can barely remember his original names… if at all. The new freedom given him by his pardon is balanced out by the price on his head, offered by his former masters who had fled Meradinis.

In “Dead Beckoning“, Blachart is re-introduced as a ‘special consultant’ engaged to assist the Space Fleet in hunting down Sona Kilroy. They pick up the the threads of their friendship, and build on it, learning to trust each other further.

2) Tell us more about the character of Marsha. Who is she, what is she, and what part does she she play in relation to the character of Blachart?

Marsha is a girl who came to the fringe to make a fresh start, and to get away from her former male past.  Life on the fringe is definitely not what she expected, and for her, having met someone she can finally feel safe and open with is a relief met with the counter-weight of risk to her safety by whatever it is her love interest Adam/Blachart has got himself into.

Adam finds himself fighting off would-be Corsair assassins working to track him down to earn the bounty put out on him by Kilroy – and this is not only annoying, but also endangers the life of his new love – a girl who seems to have ‘a few extras the other girls didn’t leave the factory with’.

Marsha is someone who he fears sharing his background and past with, on account of it being so ugly and filled with horror that he thinks she will leave him if he does so. So they play a ‘name game’ every day, in which they both adopt different names and pretend they have never met before. At least, until the weight of reality intrudes in the form of another pair of assassins that he is forced to put down in front of witnesses, including her.

She represents Adam’s motivation to get through the trials ahead, someone to return to when it’s all over. Marsha represents the challenge: what would you do to earn the right to come back to the one you love? What would you do to make yourself worthy of a future with that person?

3) In “Dead Beckoning” you include the main characters from the two previous books, “Blachart” and “Demonspawn” – since these are two different sets of main characters, did this create any problems for you?

 Yes, but nothing I couldn’t overcome! The main characters in “Dead Beckoning” were pretty much the main characters from “Blachart”, while the characters from Demonspawn” played mostly supporting roles in this story. Actually, it was mostly just Captain Joe Lofflin from Demonspawn” who made a few appearances and had some dialog in the new story, with mostly just ‘mentions’ of his ship and crew appearing in “Dead Beckoning”.

4) Tell us about the villain in this story – Sona Kilroy?

Sona Kilroy is a famous Corsair, the main Admiral in their black fleet. He is experienced, sly and also without conscience. “Dead Beckoning” picks up just after the resounding defeat of Meradinis, the former Corsair homeworld in “Blachart”.  In the ensuing chaos, several powerful Corsair figures manage to escape the long arm of Terran justice – including Kilroy! But not all Corsairs are so willing to let go of their way of life, and of these, none is more feared – and respected – than the man known as Sona Kilroy, the Admiral of the Corsair fleet!

Seeking vengeance, Kilroy puts a bounty on Blachart’s head, and sets out to rebuild the Corsair civilization on another planet hidden deep within the Omegan Quadrant. In a big way, he represents everything Blachart could have been if he’d continued on the Corsair path – a nemesis for the new Adam.

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