One Act Plays

The curtain rises…

When Christina was 11 years old, one of her English teachers handed out a book of one act plays and had the kids in class read out various parts in the play. This set her imagination on fire – and she began literally playing around with writing plays of her own! She even set out to build a cardboard box theater model – which didn’t get very far, but at the time she was fascinated with theater!

The first one act play Christina worked on was “Villa Of Terror”, which she started working on in 1986 after reading a story in an Usborne book about ghosts and ghost hunting! Based on a story about a man in ancient Greece who once rented a haunted house in Athens, the story relates how the main character deals with the apparition and helps it find peace.

“Ballad For A Nutter” is a satire written by Christina in 1987, and was a detective spoof inspired by Inspector Clouseau. Sadly, this play was lost in the course of time, but she may one day rewrite it from memory!

“The Traitor Loyal” is a play written by Christina during 1990 while she was the director of another high school play. Inspiration strikes her at the strangest times! “The Traitor Loyal” is set in Paris during the Nazi occupation, and is about a trap for the French resistance being set by a German General – which is unexpectedly foiled by the General’s own secretary – the traitor in the title.

One Act Plays by Christina Engela:

  • “Villa Of Terror” (1986)
  • “Ballad For A Nutter” (1987)
  • “The Traitor Loyal” (1990)

Portfolio 2021

I thought it would be nice if I could produce a neat, organized catalog of all my books that interested parties could download and browse – a free, distributable and shareable catalog, and so I created “Portfolio 2020!” – a listing of all my currently available titles!

Portfolio is more than that though, because it also contains a biography as well as synopses for most of my titles – and I have a plan to update it regularly, perhaps on an annual basis! Portfolio 2020 is available as a free download from my website.

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