The Pink Agenda

 “The Pink Agenda: Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family” by Christine McCafferty, Peter Hammond

REVIEW by Christina Engela

I read this item a number of years ago. Twice. The lies and hatred contained within it’s pages made me so angry that I had to keep putting it down and take regular breaks to avoid ripping this disgusting item into itty-bitty pieces and burning each one while singing something energetic involving a lot of hand-actions and expletives.

It draws almost entirely on the alleged “research” and “studies” and “statistics” provided by discredited and banned former American psychologist Paul Cameron (listed in the references & sources section) who had more than once recommended the extermination of gay people (including to President Reagan in 1985) and who has been consistently condemned and dismissed and even warned against by his peers for unethical and suspect methodology in his *cough* research which “proves” that “gay people live shorter lives”, “spread disease” – and well, 99% of the crap spouted in this book.

It is not even original in its precept, since it is not the first such hateful piece of propaganda of this type. In fact, I found this item to be little less than a revised and localized take on the earlier (1987) “The Gay Agenda” from the USA, updated and modified to suit a conservative South African audience.

The authors perpetually twist facts, distort research, and misrepresent the many issues facing LGBTI people the world over, and especially in South Africa. People are reduced in stature to nothing more than acts of sexual gratification, and their humanity and self-worth denigrated to being portrayed as a dangerous threat, and an enemy that must be fought to the bitter end. I was utterly sickened.

Were this even a work of fiction, I might feel less so – but the worst part is that these people are absolutely serious, and totally convinced of every single lie contained within this torturous tome. It is no wonder that when this work was almost (regrettably) banned in South Africa, it was described as “The book, quite simply, is a work of pure hatred and will contribute to fostering of homophobic attitudes in South Africa” and “The committee was concerned that the book has made assertions that are questionable to say the least, and the (authors’) leap from homosexuality to criminal conduct is… completely without justification,” a Film and Publications board spokesperson said at the time.

Having read it, I see this piece as a disturbing example of inhumanity and xenophobia given form in the name of 2-dimensional prejudice and disproved pseudo-science masquerading as “credible fact” written by two narrow-minded haters (McCafferty and Hammond) masquerading as Christians peddling this hateful rubbish with zero basis in fact as authoritatively as “Christian reading material”.

This book is unquestionably the most hateful load of poorly researched, fraudulent, hate-inciting, misleading and abusive tripe I have ever had the misfortune of reading.


An “updated” version was announced 14 years after its initial release, though it’s unlikely that any of the glaring misinformation, gaffes and outright lies within its covers were fixed since the book was re-released and not just scrapped.

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