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What is it that lurks in the darkness? In the closet, under the bed… or in the dark, abandoned basement of a busy city hospital? The terror is everywhere. It follows us wherever we go – even into the dark, terrifyingly empty depths of space. Watching… waiting… lurking on the edge of sight… What is it that we fear about the darkness? Stick around – you’re about to find out.

“Malice!” is a collection of horror tales by Christina Engela.


  • Published: June 25, 2019, audiobook September 11, 2020.
  • Words: 21770
  • Pages: (6×9 Paperback)
  • Duration: 02:10min (audiobook narrated by Michelle Innes)

Synopsis: [Spoiler Alert]

“Malice!” is a collection of horror tales by Christina Engela, and contains the following short fiction titles:

  • Wiggle Room” – James Booth’s eyes flickered open. The lights were blinding. He remembered the car accident. He remembered the dog running into the road ahead of him, swerving, the screeching of brakes, a tree on the side of the road – the awful jarring impact. He couldn’t remember anything after that. Till now. He couldn’t move. Well, he could a little. He could – well, he could wiggle some. And then he heard the footsteps… the feint distant clicking of heels…
  • The Thirteenth Ship” – They called her ‘the Hell Queen’. Cold. Cruel. Savage. She was the epitome of the deep space Corsair – and far more. The rumors said ‘blood drinker’… ‘vampire.’

For Hank MacMillan the perils of deep space travel were a familiar occupational hazard… When she took your ship, it stayed taken.

  • Mercury Rising” – Aboard the Kilgary, Captain Stuart Flane and his trusty Exo and best friend, Commander Vic Chapman find themselves hip-deep in zombies… and the lurching, drooling undead appear to have the upper hand! While fighting for their lives, the away team discover they have been cut off from communicating with the Mercury, and as their numbers dwindle in a cruel, bloody fashion, the last survivors – Flane and Chapman – realize the true horror of their situation! Stranded on the Kilgary, cornered in an airlock with the undead beating on the inner door – and no escape other than to leap into space, they try to attract the attention of their crewmates visually. It is there that Flane and Vic are faced with the ugly, frightening truth: the Mercury – whose lights they see go off just then – is also in trouble!

Originally all three of these popular titles were available as free samples of Christina’s writing, but they were discontinued for “Malice!”.

The History of “Malice!”

“Malice!” was published on June 25, 2019 in paperback and eBook formats. The original cover had blue lettering, which was harder to see against the dark background, and so it was replaced with the newer red cover in December the same year.

On September 11, 2020, “Malice!” was released as an audiobook, narrated by Michelle Innes.


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