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Bang! Splat!” a short animated film by Christina Engela.

Book Trailers:

The Galaxii Series book 1, Blachart

The Galaxii Series book 2 Demonspawn

The Galaxii Series book 3 Dead Beckoning

The Quantum Series book 1 Black Sunrise

The Quantum Series book 2 The Time Saving Agency

The Quantum Series book 3 Dead Man’s Hammer

The Quantum Series book 4 Loderunner

The Quantum Series book 5 Prodigal Sun

The Quantum Series book 6 High Steaks

Panic! Horror In Space book 1 Static

Panic! Horror In Space book 2 Life Signs

Panic! Horror In Space book 3 Dust

Space Sucks! book 1 Space Sucks!

Space Sucks! book 2 Space Sucks Too!

Standalone Novels:

Best Served Cold


When Darkness Calls


“Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You”



Bugspray – a book about VW Beetles.

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