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The Quantum Series is sci-fi with a dash of fantasy, featuring a host of regular characters including heroes, heroines, villains, aliens, and unusual and often humorous situations. The Quantum Series is mostly set on Deanna, a backwater Terran colony on the fringes of known space, which has something of a reputation – and not always a good one. Known as a bit of a space oddity, Deanna orbits a star named Ramalama – and has two mad little moons of its own named Ding and Dong. This often forms the basis of local jokes – especially whenever the smaller moon Ding gets knocked out of orbit by a passing space craft and crashes on the surface of Deanna – which often feature insurance, craters, the Tourism Office, and space tugs.

Life out on the frontier isn’t always easy, and there are various things that make living on Deanna a mite more interesting than on more civilized Human colonies – including the unique local wildlife such as crabby-grass, strato-penguins and ranches full of awkward semi-bovine creatures called red-horned wildebeest.

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“Overall I have very much enjoyed reading the books in this series. They are fun, quirky, imaginative and their biggest quality is that the style and the way they read is very much accessible to pretty much anyone. I highly recommend the Quantum series to everyone! 5 Stars – Fun and powerful. Have you read the Quantum Series? You should!” – Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer.

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