About Amy – A frank discussion about internet bullying, identity politics and the Facebook dictatorship.

Amy Mah (also known as Lady Amelia Mah) is well known on Facebook and also throughout the Vampyre Community (as well as in various others, including the Otherkin, Therian, Occult, Demonkin communities, and several anime and Goth groups etc.) and for a variety of different reasons. As a writer needing to research various different characters and backgrounds and identities with which to enrich my story telling, I can certainly understand why.

It is no secret that in the course of my own research – both as a writer as well as a researcher for groups such a the Alternative Religions Forum (ARF) I have entered and in some cases participated in various similar online communities – one of which where I met Amy, among many other very interesting people! Amy is indeed virtually everywhere on Facebook. More →