Dear South African ‘Student’ Rioters

Cheerful, isn’t it? The scenes of destruction and violence all over the country… universities burning, educational infrastructure going up in smoke, and a horde of ungrateful, purposeless and savage ‘students’ roaming the streets, knuckles dragging on the pavements as they riot, loot and destroy it all in the name of ‘free education’ – not caring who has to pay taxes to rebuild it all – or IF it can be rebuilt at all.


What Do I Really Want?

It’s regarded as naive’ to want everyone to ‘just get along’ and ‘make nice’… but nevertheless, that’s all I really want from the world. Every day as a human rights advocate I see words spoken by people consumed by anger and hatred towards other people, and it saddens me. Yes, I’ve spoken out in anger before too, and I will again today and tomorrow… but that’s a reaction to the hatred and anger of others – and the acts of cruelty committed out of their hatred and anger. At least I am above committing such acts of hatred and cruelty, unlike those I usually take on as an activist.

…but why can’t we just try to get along? Why do those who do harm to others so vehemently defend and look for excuses to justify their hatred and their actions of harm? Does hurting others make them more right? Does destroying lives prove their point? Does doing bad things in the name of ‘goodness’ or ‘righteousness’ mean they are ‘good’ people?

Let’s make a pact to start fresh. Try to look at the world around us anew – at OURSELVES and at each other anew. Not as Christians or ChristianISTS, Muslims or Islamicists, as ‘straights’ or ‘homosexuals’, or as different shades of skin color, not as our religions or cultures or ideologies or races – but as PEOPLE.

I’m not in government, you aren’t in government – only the politicians pursuing wealth and power are in government. They seem to decide our causes and our issues for us… instead of us doing that for them.

We should stop lending our ears to these puppeteers, and stop giving them what they want. It’s time they started listening to the people and giving us what we want.

Peace. Harmony. True equality. Rule of law, safety and security – honoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, transparency, accountability. A healthy, growing, stable economy; a living wage, social security, an open equal opportunity society.

Make it so.

Biological differences in MTFs and cisgender males

This describes the matter succinctly and perfectly!

Liz - Day By Day

People continue to misunderstand that there are very real biological differences between the average cisgender male and male-to-female transsexuals. Below is an important image to understand that I extracted from Transgender Chicago: The New Health Frontier.


The image above is the central nucleus of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc), in the thalamus. Note that heterosexual and homosexual males have nearly identical brain structures in that region. Note that biological females have very different structures in that region from those of the males. And finally note that MTF transsexuals have brain structures that are very close to the female’s and nothing at all like the male’s neurological structures.

There are numerous other studies that highlight the biological differences between MTFs and cisgender males. What this image and many other studies show is that, in the brain where our essential self lies, that MTFs truly are female, not male.

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About Amy – A frank discussion about internet bullying, identity politics and the Facebook dictatorship.

Amy Mah (also known as Lady Amelia Mah) is well known on Facebook and also throughout the Vampyre Community (as well as in various others, including the Otherkin community, Therian community, Demonkin, and several anime and Goth groups etc) and for a variety of different reasons. As a writer needing to research various different characters and backgrounds and identities with which to enrich my story telling, I can certainly understand why.

It is no secret that in the course of my own research – both as a writer as well as a researcher for groups such a the Alternative Religions Forum (ARF) I have entered numerous similar communities – where I met Amy, among many other very interesting people. Amy is indeed virtually everywhere on Facebook. More

Human Rights Advocacy Migrated To This Site

After a long time, I have finally migrated my activism link resources from my original Blogger site to WordPress, which allows for page hierarchies rather than just a huge cluster (or clutter!) of pages on a site.

These are links I have compiled since I began doing human rights advocacy work for the Pink Community, and then also for religious freedom, under two different sections.

Please read them, link to these pages, and pass the resource around as far as you can. Information is useless unless it is read, absorbed and passed on. Knowledge is power, and knowing who your enemies are, is knowing how to fight them and to beat them.

There are two sections of material:

  1. LGBTI HR Advocacy Reference Material
  2. Religious Tolerance Advocacy Resources (still in process of migration)

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