Bookinistika: eBook Piracy Website With An Attitude

This morning I was alerted by a post in one of the writers groups I belong to on Facebook – about a website that’s been ripping off dozens of authors by selling their books from their website without due process or authorization, and keeping the profits for themselves. The name of the website – Bookinistika.

I decided to hop along and check their website out, and to see if there were any of mine up there. I wasn’t to be disappointed. More

Cover Reveal & About Blurb: Best Served Cold – a story about revenge

Coming soon – a story about revenge – “Best Served Cold” by Christina Engela!

As I recently promised to fans and readers on Facebook, here is the formal cover-reveal (click to enlarge) and the about blurb for my latest novel “Best Served Cold”. More

4 Recent New Releases!

Newly released in February 2020, currently available in eBook format via Lulu and Smashwords – coming soon to Amazon – four new titles by Christina Engela!


Quadruple New Releases! Four New Books At Once!

Newly released TODAY in eBook format via Lulu and Smashwords – coming soon to Amazon – four new titles by Christina Engela!


Another Round At The Crow Bar #38 February 2020

Hello friends and fans!

Welcome to my 38th newsletter – February 2020!


Coming Soon – “Duck Blind”!

Announcing “Duck Blind“, a new novella by Christina Engela that has it all: sci-fi, thrills, mystery, wonder, pretense, delusion, a touch of romance, philosophy, blind panic, hysteria – and cosplayers and roleplayers!

Things aren’t always as they seem. Neither is Charlie Branson.

Outwardly, Charlie appeared to be the successful, respected, somewhat over-paid Captain of a commercial space liner. Charlie loved his job, and not just because being a semi-silent partner in Intersteller Vacations LLC paid well – but also because the uniform was a babe-magnet!

In truth, it was 2025 – space liners did not yet exist, Charlie was just a roleplayer after bumming out as an aspiring porno flick extra – and the space liner Freedom was really just a very expensive set – a fancy simulator for wealthy clients! For 3 years, the company had taken passengers on simulated cruises into deep space to forget the real world for a while, to get away from it all – and they loved them for it!

Trouble was, in an atmosphere where people were locked away from reality for weeks at a time, and cos-playing and roleplaying redefined ‘normal’, telling fact and fantasy apart became more complicated than expected… For those who preferred the pleasant escape from the harsh realities of life outside, like Charlie, wishing it could all just be real became something almost like a prayer.

As it turned out, someone heard him.

The answer wasn’t quite what he expected.

Coming very soon in paperback and eBook formats! Audiobooks to follow!

Pet Peeve: Genre Fan Groups That Don’t Support Its Authors

Imagine for a moment what it’s like being an indie author. It’s not that difficult I think – especially when put into the pretty harsh light of marketing. Basically when you’re indie, it means that if you don’t market yourself, you don’t get marketed at all. Social media plays a vital role in this self-promotion process, and especially (unfortunately), Facebook.

The unsocial media platform has groups – oodles of them – dedicated to fans of particular genres of writing. I doubt anyone has ever counted or taken stock of them all.

At first glance, all a writer needs to do is to join some of them – those that lend themselves to helping that writer market their work. It’s a great way to market your books if you’re an indie author – and there are many that do.

Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as it could be.

Rant upcoming.


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