The Quantum Series: A Glimpse Into The Future

“Imagine, if you will:

In as much as it was unwise for any time-traveler to attempt to explain a television screen to a Grand Inquisitor of Medieval times – unless he had either a big gun handy, or a guaranteed running head-start with a fast horse waiting at the end of it – it would be particularly difficult for Johnathan Scrooby, a time agent, to explain the precise workings of the device he was using at that particular moment to someone from the twenty-second century.

It might be less risky perhaps, but just about equally as difficult. As an agent of the Time Saving Agency, a clandestine and inevitably mysterious and generally unknown super-secret organization charged with policing Time, it was his job to observe historical events in a completely different timeline in – er, real time. That way, at least hopefully, Time would turn out the way the curiously yet somehow accurately named Anals of History said it would.

Scrooby skipped back a thousand years, stopped, fine-tuned the time-stream, and zoomed in.

In the blackest veil worn by the night sky, a diamond shone – a solitary tiny sparkle lost in an ocean of faint tiny sparkles, a tiny orb of light in the immeasurably empty blackness of space: a star… but not just any boring old star. This star was special, and its name was Ramalama.” – from Underground Movement (book 7 in the Quantum Series). More

Free Filming Rights Up For Grabs!

My writing is NOT stereotypical, and my characters – regardless of their sexuality or gender – are anything but stereotypes! My lead characters are LGBT heroes and heroines – role model figures – the captains of star ships, bold explorers and adventurers, action heroes and people who change the world (or the galaxy)! Yes, I write LGBT characters into my stories, but I would like to emphasize (again) that my stories are not just “all about LGBT people” or intended to rub cisgender, straight reader’s noses in a rainbow flag and sprinkle glitter all over their cornflakes! 

However, it has again emerged that yet another mainstream movie is due to come out soon that presents the same tired old stereotype about transgender people – that they are only good for sex work and follows the worn-out old stereotype that “they look like men in dresses”. “Anything“, stars Mike Bomer – a cisgender male – as a transgender sex-worker, and demonstrates exactly what is wrong with the way transgender characters are portrayed in the industry. More

Are Indie Published Authors Really “Published” Authors?

There used to be a perception years ago that a writer who made use of self-publishing services was not a published “proper” author. In fact, back in the day, such authors who paid for publishing services were dismissed and criticized (often harshly) as ‘pretenders’ and wannabes, and the presses that offered such services were laughed off as ‘vanity press’ publishers.

But what about today?  More

What Do I Believe?

Considering the amount of hate mail and hostile remarks I’ve had recently from trolls on Facebook, some of whom have asked me scornfully “what do you believe in?” I thought I would address the subject here on my blog.
Someone suggested that they should tell others not to buy my books, based on their agreement with several meme-type posters that have been circulated on social media lately, which claimed that I was encouraging child abuse by writing a children’s book about homophobic and transphobic bullying! According to the memes my books ‘turn’ people gay or transgender! 😛
For those of you wondering what I believe… keep wondering 😉
But seriously:


South African Publishing Industry Biased Against Indie Authors

When it comes to the publishing industry, South Africa is at least 50 years behind everywhere else!

First of all, it’s nigh on impossible to get a foot in the door at a so-called ‘traditional publisher’ in South Africa – I know, I’ve been trying for almost 30 years!

My books are available internationally via distribution channels such as Amazon, Nook, Barnes & Nobel, iTunes, Lybrary, Lulu, Kobo – and even a few I don’t even know about – and yes, even in South Africa, you can find and order them online – but you still can’t walk into a CNA or an Exclusive Books to flip through the pages of a copy on a shelf. More

Wah! Wah! Wah!

Good morning, people of my group! 🙂 *waves*

A little news update: Dolly’s front wheel bearings and brakes are in such a poor state right now I basically travel to work and back, and short distance trips. There is something haunting about the ‘wah-wah-wah’ sound made by worn out wheel bearings… especially when you have been driving like that for months until they start going ‘WAH!-WAH!-WAH!’ as if tapping you urgently on the shoulder to get your attention…

Thing is, there are so few workshops and mechanics willing to work on a VW bug these days (bunch of chicken-shit cowards 😉 ) probably because they aren’t real mechanics or real workshops, just new part fitters who know where the computer diagnostic plug is on modern “cars” and would get lost looking for one on a 1962 bug. Finding a place or person to actually woman-up and do the job takes time.

Anyway, so Dolly will finally be going in to one of the last ‘bug doctors’ in town tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be car-less for the weekend, but at least she will be getting new brake shoes and front wheel bearings. No more ‘wah-wah-wah’ – just a silent glide punctuated by the music that is the VW flat four 1200… happy trails! 🙂

In other news, last night my girlfriend Kay and I went round to our friend and neighbor Andrew for a visit and a hairdo. We ended up having wine and pizza and loads of laffs as well …I’m sure the neighbors on all three sides heard about it hehehe 😛 So this morning, I feel pretty… oh so pretty… la la la la LA! 🙂 Consider yourselves all lucky you didn’t have to hear me sing 😉

I’ve also been looking for more marketing and publicity options to get my stuff noticed. I’m open to suggestions, assistance, offers, if any of you have ideas/options/means to market for me!

Also, I’m hoping someone in the film-making community will show interest in turning at least one of my short stories or novels into a short/movie/mini series… any takers? 🙂

Yes, my shit is that good – ask the people who have actually read it 😉

Have a great day!

Constant Changes

So last night I started moving stuff around the house… the front room some of you have already seen was a combination of a bed room (2 beds) and my office… I decided the best way to do things was to move Mom’s bed and some other bedroom related furnishings into the spare room and to turn Mom’s room into my office. More

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