The Importance Of Making Back-ups

Back in the old days – that’s right, before computers – writers used to have a choice between writing our manuscripts out manually – with an actual pen, or typing them on an archaic device called a typewriter!

I still remember the cramps I got in my fingers from writing stories with a pen on actual paper – called ‘writer’s cramp’ – and the sore bruised feeling in my finger tips from clamping on that pen so hard while I feverishly wrote each word – being mentally already two sentences ahead of where my hand was on the page! Whew! Those were the days, eh?

Since then however, computers have made life so much easier for us writers, haven’t they? I mean, aside from being faster to ‘write’, it’s also so much quicker and easier to edit and format them now too! …Er – not that creating stories on computers is perfect or entirely without risks – in fact computers present a whole cluster of nasty, knotty problems for writers in the “Digital Age”! More

For Your Convenience – Improvements To My Author Site!

To make it easier for my loyal readers to find the format of book they’re looking for, I’ve improved the landing page on my website!
As of now, instead of arriving on a bulk-listing of all my titles only in eBook format, you’ll arrive on a welcome page from where you’ll be able to choose what format book you’re looking for: eBooks, paperbacks or audiobooks – and then redirected to specific listings of titles available in those formats!
As before, cover links will direct visitors to sales pages for the books they’re interested in – Smashwords (eBooks) and Amazon for paperbacks and audiobooks!


Coming Soon! “Blachart” – the Audiobook!

Do you like scifi? Huh? Do you? Pardon me for wiggling my eyebrows at you, but I’m all very excited you see!

I’m making this post to announce the upcoming arrival of something really special! My first book – “Blachart“, book #1 in the Galaxii Series – is about to be released soon… as an audiobook!


Touching Base

A few days ago I shared some of my current and future writing projects with you (view here). In the meantime, I thought I should also share a little more information with you, about more mundane ordinary things that make up the ordinary life of this author. I hope it won’t bore you too much 😉 . More

A Taste Of Things To Come

Recently I’ve been working on some projects, and I thought I’d share with you a little more insight into what those projects are. More

“Dust” – a new book in Panic! Horror In Space.

Dust is my 29th book, and the third book in my Panic! Horror In Space series! It was published on March 24, 2020, and aside from the obligatory posts and ads to tell people the book was available, not much has been said about the contents of the book – or the story itself! At least until now.

The story begins at a remote starbase on the fringes of known space – an outpost near the border of the sprawling Terran Empire called Starbase 43. It’s an otherwise ordinary day until suddenly, out of the black, an object appears on the navigation screens of the traffic controllers on duty – which turns out to be a ship on a direct collision course with the starbase! Frantic countermeasures are put in place by the highly trained crew – and a group of small tugs is sent out to intercept the unresponsive ship, with their prime concern being to deflect the ship off course!

Once the emergency is averted, the heroic tuggers decide, on their own initiative, to seize the opportunity to capture the derelict vessel, and one brave soul remains aboard to steer it back to Starbase 43… where station security receives it at berth 11 and sets about unraveling the mystery. More

New Release: "Dust" by Christina Engela

I’m really pleased to announce the release of “Dust” – book 3 in Panic! Horror In Space which was published on March 24, 2020.

At a remote starbase, a long-lost ship missing for 63 years mysteriously appears out of the black. There’s no sign of the crew or any clue what happened to them. Plates of food are laid out on tables in the mess, a shower was left running, clothes laid out on beds – it’s like all 57 crewmen just disappeared – or took a walk out an airlock. The ship’s only shuttle is still in the hangar bay, unused and in perfect condition. On the bridge, the throttles are still wide open – indicating the ship had run until it ran out of fuel.

Captain Stuart Flane of the starship Mercury is called in unwillingly, kicking and screaming, to investigate the mystery of the ghost-ship Amundsen – but will his skeptical superiors approve of the outcome?

“Dust” is book three in “Panic! Horror in Space”, a series by Christina Engela. For now the book is available on Lulu and Smashwords, but will be available on Amazon and elsewhere soon!

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