Bookinistika: eBook Piracy Website With An Attitude

This morning I was alerted by a post in one of the writers groups I belong to on Facebook – about a website that’s been ripping off dozens of authors by selling their books from their website without due process or authorization, and keeping the profits for themselves. The name of the website – Bookinistika.

I decided to hop along and check their website out, and to see if there were any of mine up there. I wasn’t to be disappointed. More

Anything THIS Pirated HAS To Be Good!

Ten years ago, Christina Engela latched on to the emerging self-publishing ‘print-on-demand’ trend on the internet and began to upload her series of sci-fi/fantasy novels onto The platform was then a groundbreaking enterprise, offering design tools to authors and a free market place for their works. From there they were available for customers to order as either a hard-copy paperback print which was sent to them via mail-order, or to download them as e-books. Both forms would provide her with payment for her books.

Sadly, and perhaps predictably, some of the ebook versions of her stories have ended up being uploaded and shared on renegade sites, where they continue to be made available for free – and even for payment which does not go to the author. More

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