Some Great Resources For Writers

These days, writers – especially self-published writers – typically need to do their own marketing, book and cover design and… well, everything!

In the course of my own writing journey, I encountered some good resources and added them to my list – and thought it might be a good idea to share it with other struggling indie authors. That said, I compiled a short list of free self-publishing platforms, ecommerce sites, file converters, royalty-free image sources, useful reference pages and cover design/3d mockup sites that should help make your workload as an indie writer easier!


Word Length – When Is A Novel, A Novel?

I often see writers posting about the length of different categories of works, asking what word length makes a story “short”, how many words make a novel? Are there any types of marketable story between them? A while ago, to find out, I consulted that all-knowing trove of knowledge – the internet. In looking for an actual carved-in-stone definitive rule, I was to be a little disappointed. More

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