Vampyre Bytes

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“Vampyre Bytes” – An anthology about real modern vampires as they see themselves.

Among the many secret societies and subcultures there exists a little known – and even less understood subculture which uses the mythical figure of the vampire as a framework through which to interpret its identity.

The modern vampire (or vampyre) subculture spans the world. While stereotypes abound, there are self-identified vampi(y)res present in every other culture, creed, religion to be found in every country, and frequently with a thriving and growing subculture to match. Unfortunately, the penchant for identifying with the fictional stereotype has the downside of being not only misunderstood, but also often hated, feared and even persecuted. Modern vampires are not all goths, emos or metal heads. Most are ordinary folks – cops, soldiers, firemen, bankers, the girl next door, the guy on the bus, the old man behind the counter, the kid in your class. You probably know at least one without even realizing it.

Far from being the predatory monsters seen in fiction – those whom admittedly inspire the popular modern fictional vampire image – real living Vampyres and vampyric people are also typically intelligent, creative and productive members of South African society. They are socially responsible people who run NGO’s, protest cruelty against animals, work to protect the environment, host charity drives – and they like to party!

This anthology presents the South African Vampyre Community as it sees itself, in a collection of poetry, short fiction and articles by the community and its closest friends and allies, as edited by local author and occult researcher, Christina Engela.

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