Christina Engela, Illustrated! #4

Over the last few days I showed you some of my illustrations, drawn to illustrate some of my stories! Here are another five for you to enjoy!

Just a little necessary repetition here – many of these pictures were included in a number of multimedia projects related to my writing, such as book trailer videos I used to promote my books!

The process of completing these illustrations was quite a lengthy one – before I even got to the making of the book trailers! First I had to sketch each image out in pencil, then in thick or thin markers. Then I had to scan them in digitally and edited out little blemishes or other flaws on my computer. Sometimes I’d add glow effects or other refinements. After that, I’d save the black and white images to use in future coloring-book projects – and used a graphics app to color them in digitally!

Again, I realize I’m no Michelangelo – I know my limitations, but at least I didn’t make a couple of stick figures with speech bubbles and call it “art” – so save the criticism! Otherwise, enjoy! 😉 Comments welcome as always.

“Long Jump” (from Panic! Horror In Space #1 “Static“)

I drew this picture to illustrate the enormously empty space between the two ships, Kilgary and the Mercury when Flane and Vic exit via an airlock and wearing their viro-suits, have to walk outside. The Kilgary is a derelict loderunner encountered by the Mercury, and during an investigation, the exploration team from Mercury is set upon by what appears to be zombies – the undead crew of the Kilgary!

As if that’s not bad enough, they’re not getting any response from their own ship – which also appears to be in trouble! Out of options, and with a mass of zoms on their heels, Vic and Flane escape out an airlock and consider their options. Their only viable option is to do a space walk back to their ship… which is kilometers distant… to do this, they have to literally jump across the gap!

The drawing was based upon a model I’d built – photo below:

As a matter of interest, these two diarama photos were taken posed against an LCD monitor! The camera I used was my Nikon DSLR!

“Miora” (from Panic! Horror In Space #2 “Life Signs”)

This image was drawn to illustrate Miora – a ghost encountered aboard a ruined ship wrecked on Brigid 4.4. She stands as the boarding party from the Mercury first meet her – with her back to them in one of the hydroponics gardens of the wrecked alien ship.

Miora died long ago and although she appears to be a solid, physical young woman, when she died, she was quite elderly. Once Dr. Killian and Vic discover her mummified body lying in a bunk-bed in one of the cabins, she tells her tale to Stuart Flane – for whom she has developed a fondness.

Brigid 4.4 – called Hamet by its original inhabitants – endured a cataclysmic nuclear war long before. Miora was a young girl aboard the ship which was in orbit, with her parents who were scientists charged with preserving plant and animal life in the hope of restoring the planet’s natural ecosystem. The war derailed all their hopes and obliterated all life on the planet, and the ship – damaged by an orbital missile strike, crash-landed on the surface.

The survivors could not leave the safety of the ship due to the entire surface of the planet being transformed into a radioactive wasteland, and so lived out their lives as best they could, tending for the plants and animals in their care, forming new relationships with each other, marrying, having children and so forth. The older ones gradually died off, and life should have continued in that way – but sadly, disease struck and gradually the small population died out – until only Miora remained. She cared for the plants and for the animals as best she could, alone for much of her last years alive. Somehow, she stayed behind and never left, driven by her sense of responsibility – to tend her charges until the day it was safe to release all of them into the wild again…

“Mob” (from Panic! Horror In Space #2 “Life Signs”)

Aboard the deep space luxury liner Demeter, mysteriously cut off from the rest of the galaxy seemingly by sabotage, and with people falling ill and dying from an apparent pandemic aboard, hysteria breaks loose. Religious fanatics set out on a witch hunt accusing passengers and crew of being vampires and lynching anyone they suspect of being complicit in any way, shape or form! Every single one of the poor hapless victims is 100% innocent.

In this image I wanted to show the ugly side of human nature, which sad to say, is pretty much most of it, right? Cruelty and savagery are a big part of humanity – and just because people act civilized and in future may travel the stars in peace and comfort and think of themselves as advanced and superior to their ancestors doesn’t mean it’s true. Ugly superstition and ignorance enforced via religion will likely hold humans back for a long time to come still. We only need to look at the terrible events raging around the world that fill our news feeds on a daily basis right now to see that.

“Firefight” (from Galaxii #1 “Blachart“)

In Blachart, I described a firefight between Mykl d’Angelo and Blachart – and a number of Corsair law enforcers in an alleyway behind the unique nightclub on the Corsair home world, Meradinis. This takes place during their covert behind-enemy-lines intelligence-gathering mission.

I did this one for the book trailer video and added laser effects in PowerPoint, and tried to capture the excitement and action of the scene in this image.

“Departure Lounge” (From “Duck Blind“)

This is the inside of a giant space port simulator – the departure lounge. Interstellar Vacations LLC is a company that runs a giant simulator of a space port and an adjacent luxury space liner. People pay to made to believe that they are really on an interstellar voyage. The man in the white ice-cream suit is “Captain” Charlie Branson.

Charlie has had an interesting past and is a silent partner in the company, so he’s pretty settled financially. He loved the money and the glitz and glamor of being a pretend-captain of a cruise liner – but he’s become disillusioned and unhappy with the fake pretense of it all… and wishes desperately for it all to be real… somehow. One morning he wakes up and everything is the same – only disturbingly different… the ship is real and traveling through deep space, all his crew is made up of different people, it’s the 27th century – and people keep insisting his name is Andy…

The image is of a pensive moment showing Charlie pausing in the terminal building before heading on to the simulated space liner Freedom.


I included links to the titles these illustrations appear in, in the headings – leading directly to the books pages on Smashwords, where they are all currently available at massive discounts (up to 60%) during the lockdown season. 😉

More to follow soon!

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