Christina Engela, Illustrated! #7

Over the last few days I showed you some of my illustrations, drawn to illustrate some of my stories! Here are another five for you to enjoy! Or, alternatively, if you don’t like them, it’ll be a torturous experience!

Just a little necessary repetition here – many of these pictures were included in a number of multimedia projects related to my writing, such as book trailer videos I used to promote my books! I also need to point out again, that none of these images appear in the books themselves.

The process of completing these illustrations was quite a lengthy one – before I even got to the making of the book trailers! First I had to sketch each image out in pencil, then in thick or thin markers. Then I had to scan them in digitally and edited out little blemishes or other flaws on my computer. Sometimes I’d add glow effects or other refinements. After that, I’d save the black and white images to use in future coloring-book projects – and used a graphics app to color them in digitally!

Again, I realize I’m no Michelangelo – I know my limitations, but at least I didn’t make a couple of stick figures with speech bubbles and call it “art” – so save the criticism! Otherwise, enjoy! 😉 Comments welcome as always.

“Corsair Ship, Stranded” (from Panic! Horror In Space #2: “Life Signs“)

In this image I drew a derelict Corsair raider from behind, showing the engine thrust cones surrounded by their support framework. The drawn part was separated from the surrounding background and superimposed over a starry backdrop in PowerPoint.

In this story, a luxury space liner receives an SOS and pulls over to find a Corsair ship has suffered some mysterious catastrophe. There is only one survivor aboard, and the liner crew take him aboard – and that’s really where things started to go bad for the Demeter.

“Confrontation” (From “The Devils In The Sky“)

In my short story “The Devils In The Sky”, the Titan, a ship from Earth encounters a hostile alien ship that violently attacks them. Being alien, its design parameters are completely unfamiliar to the Terran crew. I wanted to show the smaller Terran ship being intimidated by a much larger, more powerful alien craft of unknown capability.

“Deceased” (from Panic! Horror In Space #2: “Life Signs“)

This picture shows a patient having died in the Demeter’s sickbay from an unknown ailment – and just one of many. In fact, the crew and passengers of the space liner appear to be facing a pandemic – and they’re losing. Hope is one of the first casualties.

“Propaganda” (from Quantum #5 “Prodigal Sun“)

This illustration from “Prodigal Sun” shows a propaganda poster and graffiti from Deannan Service League supporters on the colony Deanna. A sudden rise in fascism leads to unfortunate circumstances for the colonists, who suddenly awake to the realization that the colony’s government has been overthrown by a paramilitary coup led by Nazis who intend to secede the colony from the Terran Empire. This leads to the Deannan Uncivil War. I employed deliberate spelling errors in this image (“humin”, “agen” etc.) as a commentary on the similar low-intellect of supporters of fascism in today’s world.

“Deceased” (from Panic! Horror In Space #2: “Life Signs“)

This picture shows the inside of one of the Demeter’s extensive hangar bays. Two parked shuttles in the image are shown facing the row of doors – which have been locked from the bridge to prevent any shuttles from leaving the doomed ship! It’s from here that Sean Lange and his companions must launch their escape bid – only they aren’t the only ones thinking that way…


I included links to the titles these illustrations appear in, in the headings – leading directly to the books pages on Smashwords, where they are all currently available at massive discounts (up to 60%) during the lockdown season. 😉

More to follow soon!

Stay home and stay safe!

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