My Narrators!

There could be no audiobooks without narrators! This is an alphabetical listing of the awesome narrators who have recorded titles by Christina Engela as audiobooks!

Michelle Innes

Gaining experience in the wonderful world of audio narration and production. Excited to be here. 

Having been a bookworm for as long as I could read, and being told on many occasions that I have a relaxing voice to listen to, I would be excited and proud to be able to bring your book to life with my voice. I have to date been gaining experience and enjoying volunteering on Librivox audiobook recordings.

Miciah Dodge

Though new to audiobook narration, Miciah brings a wealth of talent and experience to his work.  For over twenty years Miciah has been immersed in the performing arts; from acting and directing, to singing and composing, to accompanying and conducting, he’s done it all.  By day he teaches piano, voice, and drama to private students ages five to ninety-five, but by night he’s a survivor, a creepy psycho, a spaceship captain, a loveable hero, and any other number of characters he is lucky enough to create!

Miciah was blessed enough to pair up with Christina Engela and Brandon Mullins of Moon Books Publishing for his first projects, and since then he’s loved every minute of it! He enjoys most the opportunity to bring real, live people, places, and experiences out of the brilliantly written, black-and-white text on the page and into the world, breathing auditory life into each and every one of them.  Feeling the characters’ inner thoughts and giving them voice.  Translating to the listener the awesome, the terrifying, the heartwarming, the romantic; the sheer cornucopia of emotions, in as vibrant a way as possible!  And if he’s done his job, at the end of the day he will hopefully have captured exactly the idea the author was trying to evoke, and maybe even a little more.

Nigel Peever

Nigel Peever is a northern based actor with thirty years experience in Theatre and TV and especially pantomime.

Originally gaining equity status the traditional way through weekly rep at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe straight from school and college and his first professional production with The Rollingstock Theatre Company when he was aged just 14.

Since turning pro aged 19 in 1985 Nigel has worked extensively in Theatre and TV. With many long term working relationships with companies like. Rigoletto Ltd (20 years) Danny Davies Productions, Presto Puppets (3 years as puppeteer).

Notable commercial credits include lead roles in commercials for JJB sports, (filmed in Hamburg) and Carpet Junction, Memorex. TV, The Sharp End, The Bill, and Paul Merton.

Nigel is now a regular audiobook reader with Greenbank studios and Oakhill Publishing reading unabridged audiobooks.

He also produces audiobooks at home working in conjunction with authors and rights holders for sale at Amazon, Audible and Itunes.


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