Coming Soon! “Blachart” – the Audiobook!

Do you like scifi? Huh? Do you? Pardon me for wiggling my eyebrows at you, but I’m all very excited you see!

I’m making this post to announce the upcoming arrival of something really special! My first book – “Blachart“, book #1 in the Galaxii Series – is about to be released soon… as an audiobook!

I know, I’ve been talking about getting my books into audiobook format for quite a long time now! Over the years I’ve had to make excuses to readers eager to find the audiobook versions of my books – but trust me – not as long as I’ve been dreaming about it!

Thanks to Brandon Mullins, founder and CEO of Moon Books Publishing, that dream is now set to come true at last! After years and years of waiting for one of my books to make the transition from paperback and eBook to audiobook, “Blachart” headed into the recording studio just two weeks ago – and is now complete! Editing and post-production ended just a few days ago, and my latest news is that “Blachart” is awaiting final approval at ACX and should be released fairly soon!

[UPDATE: As of July 09, 2020, “Blachart” the audiobook is available!]

Blachart” is narrated by the wonderfully talented Nigel Peever, a UK film and stage actor – and voice artist whose voice – whilst reading my work – sent chills of awe and pleasure running up and down my spine!

Once I listened to his 15 minute audition of “Blachart“, I was all but completely blown away! I sat, transfixed, listening intently to every syllable, every inflection – appreciating the clarity and the preciseness of it all!

Below, the latest visual ad for “Blachart“, Galaxii book 1 – I guess I’ll have to update it soon to include mention of being available as eBook, paperback AND audiobook!

When I heard the final version this week – all 24 parts of the story – the result was more of the same! As a writer, I’d often imagined the sort of voice I’d like to have my stories heard in – that is, inside the reader’s heads… That said, I can’t quite put into words just how marvelous it is to hear my work, words that I wrote, being not just read aloud in front of a microphone – but interpretedlived… with depth of emotion and wonderfully appropriate feeling and thought!

Mr. Peever also included sound effects in the final mix – so the story sounds rather a lot like an old radio play, but all read by one person doing different voices and accents! I think it sounds absolutely amazing! Nigel was also kind enough to design the cover for the audiobook as you see it above!

The story of “Blachart” itself is 280 pages long (in 6×9 inch paperback format) so I’m sure it will take a lot of work to read that aloud and emotively in an appropriately dramatic way! There are 24 parts to the audiobook, averaging around 10 minutes each! Naturally, adding those wonderfully apt audio effects in post-processing will also take a little time – and once you’ve heard it (as I have), I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait!

As soon as I know it’s been released and made available, I will post an announcement! [UPDATE: Here is is! As of July 09, 2020, “Blachart” the audiobook is available!]

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