Coming Soon From JEA: “Demonspawn”, book 2 in the Galaxii Series!

Hello! 🙂

Today, in other news – due to go in soon for the first round of edits is the second title in the Galaxii Series, “Demonspawn“…

Demonspawn front ebook

This is the original self-published cover – the JEA re-release will have a different new cover designed by their very competent and artistic staff 🙂

The story centers on a starship crew stranded in deep space with no hope of rescue – the ship is not the only thing breaking down however, and pretty soon Commander Lofflin must deal with murder on top of everything else – and then just as things are looking hopeless, they discover an ancient derelict alien ship where they might the spare parts they need to repair their ship. They find useable parts, surrounded by the ancient remains of the alien crew… and then, one by one, the crew of the Mordrake begins to experience… mysterious accidents. 😉

I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!

Cheers till next time,


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