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FAQ’s Answered #5 Does Space Really Suck?

Hello again, friends and fans!

Today in a series of replies to FAQ (frequently asked questions) sent to me by fans (and sometimes not so much), I answer the question “Does space really suck?”

Being science fiction fans, I’m sure we’ve all read (or watched) stories about starships heading out into mysterious unknown parts of the galaxy – braving dangers both known and unknown, and sometimes getting shipwrecked, and perhaps more often, watching shipmates getting caught and eaten by strange aliens with big teeth (and even bigger appetites)… right?

I’m pretty sure, if it were you (or me) in that position, it would suck!

It’s with this question in mind that I first compiled a number of my short sci-fi stories into a collection I called “Space Sux!” back in 2005. Over time, that collection evolved and finally became “Space Sucks!

In this collection, you will see aliens getting shipwrecked, a starship fighting off a powerful mystery attacker in deep space, and the incredibly rare sight of a security guard using his head in the middle of a catastrophe! You will also meet the Terran Space Fleet’s very first transgender starship Captain – which comes into question as soon as her superiors find out about it, and a life insurance salesman has the adventure of a lifetime – where most people have accidents…at home – on Io station.

I’m pretty sure they would agree – space does suck!

Launch into space, the future and beyond! Enjoy a humorous look at life in space through the eyes of some colorful characters in this collection of five unique sci-fi tales by Christina Engela, spanning everything from adventure to suspense to comedy and then back again!

(Includes “Code Red”, “The Devils In The Sky”, “A Really Bad Day In The Life Of Lance Corporal Thomas O’Blivion”, “Beyond” and “I, Mac”.)

I hope I’ve answered this question to your satisfaction! To answer it for yourself, find out here!

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Until next time, keep reading!


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