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Easy DIY #67 Wood Candlestick Stands

In today’s issue I’ll be showing you how I made a set of rustic candlestick stands out of bits of scrap wood!
I had a few off-cut tree branches lying around after doing some gardening and tree-trimming a few years ago, and decided to do something creative with them! I took a few pieces in my hands and turned them over, thinking of what to do with them, when the idea struck me – they’d make handy and arty stands for candles!

There wasn’t really very much that needed to be done in this case – basically all I had to do was to decide which way up I wanted them to stand, how big I wanted them to be, and to cut their bases evenly so that they would stand firmly and balanced on a flat surface!

After that, I needed to make the surface I wanted to mount the candles level and even too. Since I envisioned using small pillar candles, I measured the base of the candles I had and used a slightly larger circumference hole saw to drill into the tops of the candle stands and then removed the unwanted material inside the circular trenches with a chisel, smoothing the floors and sides of the depressions nicely!

Then all I had to do was to smooth the whole item, making a smooth flat stretch down the sides of each for decoration. Then I painted them brown with acrylic paint to give them a healthy wooden look. The flat side panel was painted with brass acrylic paint, and the top surfaces as well. I chose to paint Norse runes on the flattened side panels for decoration – although I could also just as well have used Klingon symbols! Once dry, I applied a clear coat of clear lacquer spray paint to seal it up nicely!

And there you have it – rustic, charming wooden candle stands!

Images included – enjoy!

Have a lovely DIY week!


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