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Easy DIY #19: Catwalks

We love to let our kitties explore and play round the house, and what better way is there for height-loving felines to explore than to venture up into the heights of your home?

Fortunately for us, we live in a fairly old house which has high ceilings, so there’s plenty of room to put up shelves and catwalks for them to prowl and look down on us from!

In our bedroom for example, I set up a pair of shelves above the headboard, with a series of interconnecting single shelf bridges. The cats simply move from the headboard to the shelf steps on the right hand wall, hop from one to the other as they climb, and then walk across the shelf bridge, each shelf and step taking them higher and higher… until they arrive at a platform in the upper left corner, complete with a kitty bed and a castle wall arch above the wardrobes, which leads to a catwalk that takes them into… Castle Ming (insert sinister fanfare here)!

There’s another catwalk and ramp/step set up on the other side of the wardrobe, leading down to the dresser. They also travel in the reverse direction of course!

In the lounge, there’s a long pelmet covering two sliding doors, on top of which I placed a plank to turn it into a catwalk, with a series of shelf-steps on either end, and it has two cat beds on it, and a scratching post!

Our fur-kids love it, in fact, they spend quite a bit of time up there!

Pictures included – enjoy!

Have a DIY day!


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