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Finally An App That Works: EVP’s Delivered!

In June 2021 we downloaded an app called The Miracle Box by the famous Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal, the same fella who created the Wonder Box device used in the paranormal series Paranormal Lockdown and Ghosts Of Shepherdstown. Unlike most of the apps out there for smartphones made and peddled by con-artists, this one actually delivers results – but I’ll skip the tech explanations and the how and why, and jump straight to the point: we’ve known for years that we’re not alone in our house, and we’ve tried different apps and methods of capturing EVP’s, largely to no avail.

We’ve tried using our phones to capture plain EVP’s that way, but received nothing but annoying clicks and beeps that made no sense. We’ve tried so called ghost sensors and imitation paranormal communication apps, that simply didn’t cut the mustard. This is the first time we’ve ever received understandable intelligent responses to questions asked, on demand.

Most of the time though, we don’t receive any responses at all. We’ve come to realize that our spooks aren’t always present, and that aside, they don’t always seem to be willing (or able) to communicate verbally. There are also quiet spells during which nothing odd appears to happen, and then there are busy, random times where we keep asking each other “did you hear that?” and days when I come home to tales of unexplained thumps and bumps throughout the house – and nights where we both wake up to the sound of pounding bare feet running down our cement alleyway outside our bedroom window – where there is no access point, and certainly there hasn’t been room to run freely down there in years!

This sort of thing keeps us inspired to try to communicate with our unseen housemates on occasion.

Anyway, over the past 3 or 4 days we’ve experimented with The Miracle Box app on our smartphones at home, and captured the following compelling EVP’s so far (click on the headings to open the audio file in another tab):

1) June 09, 2021 German

During the same session as this capture, we received a response which we were sure was in German, but had forgotten to hit “record”, and we decided to ask a question in German, “Wie ist hier?” (Who is here?). These are the responses we received so far, that we managed to record:

A whispery voice responds saying “mein hertz”, which is German for “my heart” or “my sweet”, “my dearest”.

Knowing most of the history of the house, this is quite puzzling as I have no idea who this person is!

2) June 09, 2021 OK

Kay has been convinced that a spirit we call “the kitchen lady” who has previously greeted her audibly in the kitchen,  and whom she believes advises her on a subconscious level while cooking. As a result, she often tells me that the meals she prepares are “above her own cookery skill-set” and that the kitchen lady is responsible! During this session, Kay thanks the kitchen lady and receives an intelligent response – a voice says “Ok”.

We believe the kitchen lady to be one of the previous inhabitants of the house. Kay has seen glimpses of her wearing a long black swishy Victorian skirt and black lace-up boots.

Read (or listen to) “When Darkness Calls” by Christina Engela, a real-life haunting story!

In this session, Kay asks who is in the front room, which is the darkest, most uncomfortable room in the house – and receives this cryptic, weird reply on demand, indicating an intelligent response, if a strange one. We wonder if this is a human or inhuman response.

04) June 11, No one

Kay sat on the back stairs in the garden one evening, listening to the creaky noises we frequently hear on our roof, and asked “who is on the roof?”. A creepy voice replies “No-one!”.

In Conclusion

The sounds and responses we received do not appear in the sound bank The Miracle Box operates on, making these captures compelling evidence that when we say our home is shared with spirits, we’re not kidding – or imagining it!

If I’d had an app like this back in 2011 to use at the White House (as described in my book “When Darkness Calls“) back in 2011, it might have been very useful! Back in those days though, we barely had smartphones – even so, we put them to good use!

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