For Your Convenience – Improvements To My Author Site!

To make it easier for my loyal readers to find the format of book they’re looking for, I’ve improved the landing page on my website!
As of now, instead of arriving on a bulk-listing of all my titles only in eBook format, you’ll arrive on a welcome page from where you’ll be able to choose what format book you’re looking for: eBooks, paperbacks or audiobooks – and then redirected to specific listings of titles available in those formats!
As before, cover links will direct visitors to sales pages for the books they’re interested in – Smashwords (eBooks) and Amazon for paperbacks and audiobooks!

It’s also refreshing to be able to offer you my books in more than just one format – something I need to thank Brandon Mullins from Moon Books for, since MB is handling the paperback and audiobook publishing side of my offerings!

Books edited by me as well as anthologies to which I contributed in some way are also listed in the three subcategories as applicable.

I really hope you like the new website arrangement as much as I do!

In the audiobooks department – as I announced earlier – I’m eagerly awaiting the upcoming arrival of my first book – “Blachart“, book #1 in the Galaxii Series as an audiobook via Moon Books and Audible! As soon as it becomes available, the link will be added to the audiobooks section!

As always, I’ll keep you informed!

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