Guest Writer #1: Alun Heini Brown

Welcome, readers – to the first in a series of posts called “Guest Writers” – featuring writers from around the world.

Today it’s my privilege to welcome Alun Heini Brown, a writer from the UK!

Alun will tell you more about himself and his writing in his own words!

My name is Alun Heini Brown and I am a writer and professional freelance copy editor.

I self-published a sci-fi novella called “Quin’s Abduction” from 2014-15 on the story’s website, and advertised it on Facebook and – to a lesser extent – other social media platforms, attracting a couple of hundred followers/readers, and some very encouraging feedback. In 2018 I published it as an ebook on Amazon.
Below is the rather tongue-in-cheek author bio from the Quin’s Abduction website:
The story is set against the backdrop of an alien abduction scenario in which the protagonist has no memory of his life before the abduction – and as the story unfolds the few clues he gets to his identity are increasingly dark and disturbing. As the story unfolds, subjects such as death, non-being, shamanism, human cloning, secret societies, MK ultra, conscious awakening, junk DNA, ancient civilizations, rock and roll, and many more are encountered.
Below are some promotional images for Quin’s Abduction:
I am currently working on the sequel, Quin’s Evolution!
(Images, links & material supplied by guest writer.)

Thank you very much, Alun – that sounds like a fascinating read indeed! I wish you all the best of luck with your writing career!
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Until next time, keep reading!

Cheers! 🙂

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