Guest Writer #4: Lee Hall

Welcome, readers – to the fourth in a series of posts on my website featuring writers from around the world.

Today it’s my privilege and pleasure to welcome Lee Hall, a writer from the UK!

Lee is an Indie author, playwright and award nominated blogger. His works include ‘Open Evening’, ‘Darke Blood’, ‘the Teleporter’ and ‘Cemetery House’. Lee is the resident playwright for Iver Heath Drama Club – a non profit community group located just outside greater London, and he’s also a book reviewer! In that capacity he’s written a truckload of reviews for many indie-writers, generously helping fellow independents to draw badly-needed attention to their books! He also offers a list of free Resources for Writers/Bloggers from his website.

Lee will tell you more about himself and his writing in his own words!

About the author

As far back as age 12, I started writing stories. I remember reading the Lost world by Arthur Conan Doyle and being entirely immersed into another world. It is with that in mind that I set out to realize my dream – to make my own worlds and to immerse readers into them!

Authoring in the social media age…

The hardest thing about being an ‘Indie author’ is letting the world know your book exists…

I’ve come to learn over the years that being an author in the social media age is less about the writing and more about what happens after. Of course, it’s no easy feat to reach those two words that crown your masterpiece. This is an achievement that so many never get to, that personal journey into the words, characters and setting; all of which is a voluntarily solitary experience. In recent times I’ve come to embrace the after where many will come to realize, we aren’t alone because there is a community of writers who are all after the same thing – having their work read.

The voice of creatives is changing and getting louder for the better. Our collaboration together is making waves and my stance is no longer an ambition for the world to read my work but for the world to read our works. Eventually the combined voice of this community will be loud enough for the outside world to hear but if it doesn’t, I’ve connected with like minded folks from very corner of this world.

My passion for reading eventually evolved into an ambition to immerse others like I had been. That ambition started as a sole idea from zero which then grew into more ideas which in turn gave me no choice but to write them down. Eventually those sentences became chapters and then finally books; all the time my ability to translate thought to page growing along with the ideas. I’ve written and published in multiple genres. Those books all carry a message within, whether it be responsibility of power, the value of love or even shining a light into the dark – I’ve even relayed personal experiences and woven them into the plot. When fiction has an element of realism, readers believe it.

I’ve found all real success comes from being genuine and part of the wider social media community. Every day I look for ways to not only sell my brand but how to showcase others to the world.

“If you want to sell books, you must show how much you appreciate other books, and that comes easy because reading was always my passion. Regular blogging about all things writing is the vessel I use to tell the world how serious I am about mine and others writing. My advice is simple. Embrace reading and writing, then share it with others.”

Thank you to Christina Engela for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Follow Lee’s activities on his website Lee’s Hall of Information and at the links below.

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Thank you very much, Lee! I wish you all the best of luck with your writing career!
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Until next time, keep reading!

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