Don’t Get Left In The Dark


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Published: March 16, 2018
Pages: 70
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Back Cover:

“This booklet will explain how I built my own UPS system at home – and how you can too – to become more self-sufficient – at least to the point where you can have lights and basic appliances during those hours when ‘ASSKOM’ (or your power company) goes on strike!”

UPS AUg 2015

“I have built a home UPS pretty much on the cheap, with the most expensive items so far being the generator (R2600 on a special) and the two batteries at R699 for the first one and R660 for the second one (both being ‘seconds’ ie ‘scratch discounts’). The rest was only sundries – light switches, plugs that I had lying round the house, a few plug boxes and rolls of cable – which aren’t cheap by any means these days, but still it wasn’t a killer.”

Includes photos, illustrations and several diagrams.





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