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Introducing Books 1 & 2 In The Galaxii Series

Hello, friends and fans!

I wrote this post to introduce books 1 and 2 of my Galaxii Series, now available on via J. Ellington Ashton Press (JEA).

Book 1: “Blachart

“Imagine if you will… A remote star base falls mysteriously silent… a troubled starship sent to investigate. A man without a past…an outsider who may not be who he seems…and the woman he loves… must work together to face danger… adventure… redemption… in the place they call… Meradinis… to redeem a lost love… to learn the meaning of trust… to save the Terran Empire.”

“Truly this is one of the very best sci-fi novels that I have read all year!” – Mark Woods

Book 2: “Demonspawn

“Imagine if you will… A warship stranded in deep space…no hope of rescue… no way to call for help… enough food and water for 6 months… air and power for 2 weeks. The survivors begin to lose control. Suddenly out of nowhere a lifeless derelict crosses their path, changing the rules… offering them a chance of survival… but only… a chance.”

“A clearly written sci-fi novella with an interesting theme on confronting fear. The characters are well done and it has a villain that will raise suspense.” – Mr. Green

Until next time, keep reading!


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