Why The Combination Blaster-Comlink Was A Bad Idea

In case anyone was ever wondering why this never went mainstream 😉

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From Pencil Sketch To Color Illustration!

Over the past few days I posted a couple of illustrations I did of some of my stories. Today I did a few more and I thought it would be interesting to show you the progress of one image from sketch to colored image.


The Completed Images!

Hello fans!

Earlier today I posted a preview of some illustrations I did for some of my stories. I just took pictures of them with my phone, and promised to post the completed versions tonight after I’d scanned and colored them. 🙂 The black and white versions will also go into my next coloring and activity book in 2018, but meanwhile, here are the completed colorized images.

Any guesses as to which stories they’re from yet? 😉



Hello fans!

Here’s a preview of some illustrations I’m doing. I just took pictures of them with my phone, but I’ll post the completed versions tonight after I’ve scanned and colored them. 🙂 The black and white versions will also go into my next coloring and activity book in 2018.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to guess which of my stories these come from, you’re welcome to 🙂 More

Christina Engela, Female South African Sci-fi, Fantasy And Horror Author

Christina Engela is no ordinary writer. As an individual she has a diverse background, being that she’s a transgender woman and a sci-fi, fantasy and horror writer – but that is just scraping the tip of the iceberg as it were. She is the most unique and eccentric female South African writer of science fiction fantasy and horror. More

Join The Crow Bar Forum!

The Crow Bar – my official author website now has a brand new forum! Unlike older forums that some of us may remember, this forum is mobile-friendly, so anyone with a smart phone will be able to browse it with ease!

I’m a writer, as you probably know by now, and this forum will be where we can interact, talk about my books and other projects as well as get sneak-peek previews of upcoming titles, covers, extracts, special offers, news, releases and giveaways before anyone else does!

Why do I need a forum, you may wonder – after all, isn’t everyone already on Facebook? Well, if you’re not in the mood for a rant, skip to the end of this post. Otherwise, plunge right in, or go to the Forum.

Go to the Forum. More

Panic! It’s Horror In Space #2!

Panic Horror In Space 2 sml

Buy Now: Paperback  /  Ebook

Christina Engela proudly presents the 2nd volume in a series of horror misadventures in deep space with the crew of the I.S.S. Mercury. In “Dead Center”, to repay a debt, Captain Flane accompanies the crew of the cult TV show “Specter Adventures” in a “lock-down” of the most haunted abandoned Terran outpost in the Galaxy, while “Through A Dark Glassy” explores the creepy consequences of placing a paper note reading “WARNING: ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN” on a crate containing some of the most dangerous haunted items known to humanity – and sending it away via a space courier service – and not in a hypothetical way either. More

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