Look… …Up!

Something’s coming…. can you feel it? Look… …up!

Want to know what it is?

…Keep your eyes open!

You can find out more about Christina Engela and her books at ChristinaEngela.com

Can You Feel It?

Something’s coming…. can you feel it? Well, can you?

Want to know what it is?

…Keep your eyes open!

You can find out more about Christina Engela and her books at ChristinaEngela.com

Something’s Coming!

Something’s coming…. something relating to South African SciFi writer Christina Engela… and, possibly, her books! Want to know what it is?

…Keep your eyes open!

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Christina Engela and her books at ChristinaEngela.com

“Duck Blind” by Christina Engela – Coming Soon!

Things aren’t always as they seem. Neither was Charlie Branson.

Outwardly, Charlie appeared to be the successful, respected, somewhat over-paid Captain of a commercial space liner. Charlie loved his job, and not just because being a semi-silent partner in Intersteller Vacations LLC paid well – but also because the uniform was a babe-magnet!

In truth, it was 2025 – space liners did not yet exist, Charlie was just a roleplayer after bumming out as an aspiring porno flick extra – and the space liner Freedom was really just a very expensive set – a fancy simulator for wealthy clients! For 3 years, the company had taken passengers on simulated cruises into deep space to forget the real world for a while, to get away from it all – and they loved them for it!

Trouble was, in an atmosphere where people were locked away from reality for weeks at a time, and cos-playing and roleplaying redefined ‘normal’, telling fact and fantasy apart became more complicated than expected… For those who preferred the pleasant escape from the harsh realities of life outside, like Charlie, wishing it could all just be real became something almost like a prayer.

As it turned out, someone heard him.

Announcing “Duck Blind”, a new novella by Christina Engela that has it all: sci-fi, thrills, mystery, a touch of romance, philosophy, cosplayers, roleplayers – and aliens.

Coming soon!

Another Round At The Crow Bar #36 December 2019

Hello friends and fans!

Welcome to my 36th newsletter!


The Tech Side #9: Tech To Die For – Sonic Pulse Weapons

In this series of articles – The Tech Side – I continue expanding on various bits of assorted tech, what gave me the ideas for them, and a little about what I did with them in various stories.

This time, I’ll be taking a quick look at sonic pulse weapons! More

Submissions Wanted!

Do you write SciFi that celebrates the weird, embraces the unusual, endeavors to unscrew the inscrutible… and is… strangely compelling?

If so, I’m looking for short stories (up to a maximum of around 6000 words) for an anthology of “Strangely Compelling SciFi”!

Topic: “Sci-fi is the main thing. Compelling would be nice. Strange is only a suggestion.”

A maximum of 2 submissions per author will be acceptable for this anthology. Authors will be credited for their contributions. The deadline is open-ended, and it will be taken forward once I have enough material.

The anthology will be published through Moon Books Publishing in eBook, print and audiobook formats. (There will be no payment for your story, but it will help get your name, brand and writing out there!)

Some editing of grammar and spelling for selected submissions may be necessary, but will not be charged for.

Please send your submissions in Word (.doc or .docx format) to christinaengela@gmail.com

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