Another Round At The Crow Bar: #27 March 2019


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Awesome Sci-fi On A Budget!

Two brand new editions of “Black Sunrise” and “The Time Saving Agency” – books 1 and 2 in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela – are now available (along with the entire Galaxii Series) on GGG mall, a local digital content provider based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa!

“As I’d explained previously, my project for 2019 is to revise and reformat the Quantum Series to the same stringent standard as I did to the Galaxii Series in 2018!” Said local Port Elizabethan writer Christina Engela proudly. “The first two titles – originally written in 2005 – have already been completed and are already available!”

What is the Quantum Series about? Well, it’s sci-fi with a touch of fantasy, it comes with interesting, believable characters – good guys and villains, and a couple that are hard to place – and the stories contain a lot of “heart”… Told in Christina’s own unique style, these books come loaded with what she calls her “warped sense of humor”… which tends to get readers who didn’t see it coming, around corners with a solid left-hook! Her writing has been compared to Douglas Adams and even to the great Sir Terry Pratchett (Focus Mid-South Magazine).

Christina’s books are available on GGGmall for R30 each as epub format downloads, and the website caters for visitors who wish to see prices in USD  ($).


Announcement – Christina’s Books Now At GGGmall!

I’m really, really excited to announce that my books are now available LOCALLY in South Africa as ebooks via a gaming/tech online store based in my area! 🙂 A big thank you to Wikus van der Mescht of GGGmall ( for making them available in his online store as epub downloads!

You can download the latest versions of my books there in epub format, for as little as R30 a title!

GGGmall – Wikus’s brain-child, stocks all kinds of cool game-related tech, a huge variety of current and old-school consoles, games for Playstation, XBox, Nintendo, Sega, Commodore, Sinclair, Atari, discs and cartridges, PC games, accessories, controllers, including hard-to-find collectors items and special editions! If you’re looking for gaming stuff you don’t see in the regular shops – this is the place you need to look! Wikus ships worldwide, and also does a newsletter and mail-order as well as collections from his premises.

Another Round At The Crow Bar: #26 February 2019


Hello friends and fans!

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Another Round At The Crow Bar: #25 January 2019


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Another Round At The Crow Bar: #24 December 2018

Hello friends and fans!

Welcome to my 24th newsletter! 24! That means the newsletter’s been going for a whole 2 years already! And wow, it’s already December too, how about that!


Leaving Amazon

As of 14 November 2018, I am no longer supporting or distributing my books to them. That’s it, I’m done! Bearing in mind, as an indie author, it’s incredibly difficult to get sales (even when distributing through Amazon via my publishing platform, to be brutally honest), and despite that, most of my sales still come from Amazon channels – this is a matter of conscience for me. More

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