New Release: Lifetime by Christina Engela

I’m really pleased to announce the release of “Lifetime” which was published on August 07, 2020!

Lifetime” is a novella. The cover was designed by my friend and partner in crime Brandon Mullins at Moon Books Publishing – snazzy, isn’t it?

What’s the story about?

Survival. Desperation.

You may be wealthy, you may be influential, even popular… but just because you’re successful at life, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily successful at everything. Those things don’t protect you from everything fate might have in store for you. More

New Release: Mirror, Mirror by Christina Engela

A few months ago I published two novellas – “Duck Blind” and “The Next Room”, but over the last little while or so it became apparent to me and to my publisher that since these two stories are really so closely related I should wrap them up tightly in one bundle! That bundle is “Mirror, Mirror” – which I’m very pleased to announce, was released during the night!


“Demonspawn” Audiobook Now In For Review!

Hello, friends and fans!

It’s been an active few days and no mistake – yesterday Moon Books published a novelette of mine (“Lifetime”) and I also found out that the audiobook for “Demonspawn” has finished recording and has been submitted for review at Audible!

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Some Great Resources For Writers

These days, writers – especially self-published writers – typically need to do their own marketing, book and cover design and… well, everything!

In the course of my own writing journey, I encountered some good resources and added them to my list – and thought it might be a good idea to share it with other struggling indie authors. That said, I compiled a short list of free self-publishing platforms, ecommerce sites, file converters, royalty-free image sources, useful reference pages and cover design/3d mockup sites that should help make your workload as an indie writer easier!


Another Round At The Crow Bar #44 August 2020

Hello friends and fans!

Welcome to my 44th newsletter – August 2020!


Expand The Brand: Hally Park Publishers

For quite a while now I’ve been working to expand my marketing reach, and in the spirit of that endeavor I recently contracted with Hally Park Publishers – a South African small press who also list suitable self-published titles on their website – to list my eBooks!

It’s taken a little time for them to appear on their website – after all, I’m not the only author they have listed, and I have just over 30 books – so I’m sure that was quite a job! Nevertheless, the first fifteen appeared on their site during the night (yes, I’ve been watching)!


Guest Writer #4: Lee Hall

Welcome, readers – to the fourth in a series of posts on my website featuring writers from around the world.

Today it’s my privilege and pleasure to welcome Lee Hall, a writer from the UK!

Lee is an Indie author, playwright and award nominated blogger. His works include ‘Open Evening’, ‘Darke Blood’, ‘the Teleporter’ and ‘Cemetery House’. Lee is the resident playwright for Iver Heath Drama Club – a non profit community group located just outside greater London, and he’s also a book reviewer! In that capacity he’s written a truckload of reviews for many indie-writers, generously helping fellow independents to draw badly-needed attention to their books! He also offers a list of free Resources for Writers/Bloggers from his website.

Lee will tell you more about himself and his writing in his own words! More

Coming Soon: “Malice!” – The Audiobook!

Hello, friends and fans!

This is really a busy month, isn’t it? Following the release of the audiobook version of “Blachart“, I’ve also been promoting upcoming new audiobook releases as well!

The list of new titles fast on their way includes “Demonspawn“, “When Darkness Calls” and “Malice!

“Malice!” is currently in the recording stage and should be out within the next month or so. The narrator is Michelle Innes.

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Coming Soon: “Demonspawn” – The Audiobook!

Hello, friends and fans!

Over the past week or so I’ve been promoting the newly released audiobook version of “Blachart” – and again, if you give the preview a listen or watch the audiobook trailer I made this week, you’ll see (or rather hear) why I’m so excited about it!

“Blachart” is the first book in my Galaxii series, and since the first book has now been released, I wanted to share more about the second book which is being recorded right now by the very same narrator as the first – narrator par excellence, Nigel Peever!

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“Blachart” – TWO Audiobook Trailers!

Hello, friends and fans!

Today I want to show you not one, but two book trailer videos – that’s right, TWO!

Over the past week or so I’ve been promoting the newly released audiobook version of “Blachart” – and if you give the preview a listen, you’ll see (or rather hear) why I’m so excited about it!

So much so, that yesterday I spent a good few hours making a new book trailer video specially for the audiobook release – featuring a 2 minute portion of the actual audiobook preview sound file as narrated by Nigel Peever!

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