New Release: Galaxii – Into The Abyss

“Galaxii – Into The Abyss” is an omnibus of The Galaxii Series titles 1,2 and 3, containing “Blachart“, “Demonspawn” and “Dead Beckoning“.

Due to the variation in international markets and differing distribution marketing requirements, it has been necessary to reissue some titles in various series in different print formats. As a firm believer that the 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall “pocketbook” size is the appropriate size for “real” novels, I find it disappointing that some international distributors do not accept this size, favoring the 6″x 9″ format instead. It is larger for one thing, and as a result decreases page count, making books that were traditionally “long enough” to pack a decent-sized novel in the proper size, seem much smaller and less appealing in the 6×9 format.

At 363 pages in the new format, the print paperback copy containing all three stories in the Galaxii Series still works out cheaper than buying all three titles separately! Hopefully the new size will allow bookstores in South Africa to start stocking this title on their shelves soon! “Galaxii – Into The Abyss” is available only in paperback and the original separate titles in pocketbook size – as well as the separate ebook versions will continue to be available. More

Free Filming Rights Up For Grabs!

My writing is NOT stereotypical, and my characters – regardless of their sexuality or gender – are anything but stereotypes! My lead characters are LGBT heroes and heroines – role model figures – the captains of star ships, bold explorers and adventurers, action heroes and people who change the world (or the galaxy)! Yes, I write LGBT characters into my stories, but I would like to emphasize (again) that my stories are not just “all about LGBT people” or intended to rub cisgender, straight reader’s noses in a rainbow flag and sprinkle glitter all over their cornflakes! 

However, it has again emerged that yet another mainstream movie is due to come out soon that presents the same tired old stereotype about transgender people – that they are only good for sex work and follows the worn-out old stereotype that “they look like men in dresses”. “Anything“, stars Mike Bomer – a cisgender male – as a transgender sex-worker, and demonstrates exactly what is wrong with the way transgender characters are portrayed in the industry. More

Another Round @ The Crow Bar #6 – June 2017


Hello friends and fans!

Welcome to my 6th newsletter: June 2017 – jam-packed with tidbits and information about new releases and projects I’m currently busy with!

Coming up in this edition of Another Round @ The Crow Bar: More

Just Released! “High Steaks”, book 6 in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela

Newly released on this morning, 1 June 2017, is my 12th completed, published novel, “High Steaks” – which is book 6 in the Quantum Series! After a gap of many years between book 4 “Loderunner” (2007) and book 5 “Prodigal Sun” released in February 2017, it’s been a privilege (and a heck of a lot of fun) to continue the adventures of characters I created and grew very fond of back in 2003!

“High Steaks” continues a new adventure begun in the previous book “Prodigal Sun”, and introduces fascinating new characters as well as expanding on many different detail aspects of the quaint Terran colony of Deanna!


Coming Soon: High Steaks

Coming Soon – in June 2017!

The story so far:

Prodigal Sun” begins the tale. Troubled times have come to the small backwater Terran Colony planet of Deanna.

Having amusing names for its sun (Ramalama) and two moons (Ding and Dong) have not made this quaint little world immune to bad things – not even having a small moon famous for falling down occasionally… and bad things are afoot indeed. More

New Release: The Peed-Off Peasant’s Collection Of Awesome Parking Memes

Just released! “The Peed-Off Peasant’s Collection Of Awesome Parking Memes“! Only available in ebook format.

Meet the Peed-Off Peasant. He’s just an average Joe living an average life. He’s a regular underdog who hates getting trampled upon by the rich, entitled folks who think that money, wealth and power make them better than him, or more deserving of being treated like a decent human being. He stands up to these folks, demanding to be treated with dignity and respect – or at the very least, consideration. More

Are Indie Published Authors Really “Published” Authors?

There used to be a perception years ago that a writer who made use of self-publishing services was not a published “proper” author. In fact, back in the day, such authors who paid for publishing services were dismissed and criticized (often harshly) as ‘pretenders’ and wannabes, and the presses that offered such services were laughed off as ‘vanity press’ publishers.

But what about today?  More

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